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Asked by kan | 11/14/2017 3:57:52 AM
Hi, Its related question which I asked yesterday.

but that 已交航空公司运输 step was on 11/4...
its still same until now...
why..? why they don't send...?
and some of parcels have same 已交航空公司运输 steps 2 times or more. (for example this one : RG641730045CN)
why? what happened?
please tell me..

and also the parcel which I sent on 11/11 is already in Korea.. (RG653043145CN/RG651638045CN/RG655216895CN)
I think there is some problem..

some of parcel is big and some of them are small..
but only big one arrived .. I think they could lost my parcels.. because its really small.
When can i know if they lost or not?

If they lost, how can I get refund?
I send parcels via 4PX. where can I get a refund, when, how?

Thank you very much.
please reply asap..
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Answered by Daisy | 11/14/2017 6:35:33 PM
Hi kan,

If you couldn't get the parcel within two or three months, it may be lost. You'd better track your parcels regularly and if you find they couldn't reach in two months, you'd better contact 4PX to ask for compensation. They will contact China Post to make sure it's lost and will give you compensation. But they have very strange regulations like if the parcel has been reached in the destination country and is lost then, you couldn't get compensation.

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