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International e-EMS

To satisfy the delivery needs of high quality merchandise for individuals and enterprises engaged in online trade, China EMS designs a new business which is called e-EMS. It was launched in 2014 and is now a new economic, convenient and fast shipping method for cross border e-commerce sellers. Similar to e-packet/EUB, the service is charged for every 50 gm which reduce the logistics cost for sellers greatly thus improve market competitiveness of products.

Coverage Countries:

Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, Holland, Russia, Brazil, Belarus, Ukraine

Delivery Time:

1. Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan:2-4 days
2. UK, France, Australia, Spain, Holland:5-7 days
3. Canada, Russia, Brazil, Belarus, Ukraine:7-10 days

Parcel Sent Method:

You can call the China Post EMS hotline 11183 to ask for a pick up or go to the nearby post office to send your parcel.

Rate of International e-EMS Service

Destination Within 50gm(RMB) Every Additional 50gm(RMB) Weight Limit (kg)
Asia Taiwan 16 0.6 30
Hong Kong 48 0.5
Singapore 70 1.2
Japan 81 1.2
35 (Promotional Price) 1.5
South Korea 60 0.9
35 (Promotional Price) 1.2
Europe UK 70 2 30
France 105 2
Spain 85 2.2 20
Holland 91 2 30
Russia 60 4
Ukraine 120 2.5 20
Belarus 120 2.5 30
North America Canada 105 3 30
South America Brazil 115 4
Australia Australia 69 3 20
Note: Pickup service fee RMB 3 will be charged for shipments less than 2 pieces.

Compensation Rules:

For any delay, the sender can get 50% of the postage fee.
For any loss or complete damage of the parcel, the sender can get the compensation according to the actual loss. But the highest limit is 2*the first charge of 50gm+RMB2/50gm. In addition, the whole postage fee can be returned. If the parcel is found after you get the compensation, you should return that and get your parcel.

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