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Tracking number begins with "R", "C", "E" and "L" can be traced by using the above tool.

China Post Service FAQ

A: A China Post tracking number is a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters. It starts with "R" for small parcel and "C" for large package with another letter and 9 digits followed. At the end are two letters. For example: CP123456789CN. On the mailing label or voucher, you can find the Shipment ID to track.
A: For no tracking records of your tracking number, it may be caused because you typed the numbers wrongly. You should make sure that you have typed the correct number. Also, the shipment information needs some time to be shown up in the system after you send the parcel. You are suggested to wait for one or two days to check. If you still can't see the records, please contact the official China post customer service.
A: NULL means nothing or empty. When the status shows null, it means that the information is not available at the time. Another situation is that it's the problem of the tracking system, because the China post tracking system doesn't translate the status from Chinese to English well.

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