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China Postal Code of Qingdao

District/County in EnglishPostal Code Province
Qingdao City 266000Shandong Province
Chengyang District 266000Shandong Province
Huangdao District 266000Shandong Province
Licang District 266000Shandong Province
Shibei District 266000Shandong Province
Shinan District 266000Shandong Province
Sifang District 266000Shandong Province
Laoshan District 266100Shandong Province
Jimo City 266200Shandong Province
Jiaozhou City 266300Shandong Province
Jiaonan City 266400Shandong Province
Pingdu City 266700Shandong Province
Laixi City 271100Shandong Province

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Post code of Qingdao

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I need postal code for the following address

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Would Really Appreciate a Specific Answer to My Question

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