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Large package to Finland

Asked by arto.jokinen | 12/7/2017 12:30:49 AM
Dear Sir, would you please provide the price, dimensions and weight restriction on a large package from mainland China to (Finland surface or air).

Thank you
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Answered by Daisy | 12/7/2017 1:07:04 AM
Weight restriction: Less than 20kg/each package

Dimensions restriction:
Greatest dimension should be less than 1.05 meters and the length + width should be less than 2 meters.
Minimum Size: The length should not be less than 0.24 meters and width 0.16 meters.

Rate is:
Surface: 145.5RMB for the first 1kg and 20.6RMB for each additional 1kg.
SAL: 159.4RMB for the first 1kg and 34.5RMB for each additional 1kg.
Air: 203.9RMB for the first 1kg and 79RMB for each additional 1kg.

The price is just for your reference.

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