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Tracking number begins with "R", "C", "E" and "L" can be traced by using the above tool.

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Any limited / not accepted product

Asked by Victor KO | 8/10/2017 1:31:53 AM
In your website, I can't find and product limitations for the service. May I know what kinds of product were limited/not accepted for the service of China Post International small parcel?
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Answered by Daisy | 8/13/2017 7:48:52 PM
What's your products? I could help you chek if it's accepted by China Post international small parcel.

Answered by Victor KO | 8/13/2017 8:15:20 PM
Thank you for your answer. My product is "essential oil", could you please check for me?


Answered by Daisy | 8/15/2017 3:01:27 AM
Liquid is not allowed.

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