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DHL Package Tracking

Brief Introduction

DHL is the market leader in global express industry. Its service covers 220 countries and districts, 120,000 destinations in the world. No matter letters, documents, small parcel or large packages, DHL could satisfy your needs. It’s one of the subsidiary companies of Deutsche Post DHL the world famous Mail and logistics group. Main business departments for it include DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight and DHL Supply Chain. For its name, it comes from the first letters of the three entrepreneurs’ last names. They are Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. In ecommerce field, DHL is one of the top three cross – border Electronic commerce logistic providers. DHL eCommerce provides international standard parcel service for business customers as well as e-commerce logistics and facilitation services. Most sellers on Ebay, Amazon, AliExpress and more use DHL to deliver their items to the buyers for its high efficiency.

DHL Tracking Number Format

A formal tracking number of DHL is composed with ten digits, e.g. 1234567890. They are between 000000011 and 9999999996.

Estimated Delivery Time

The estimated delivery time for a DHL package is 2 to 7 working days. The time usually is decided by the customs clearance and flight arrangement. 

DHL in China

DHL in China was set up in 1986 in Beijing. Now it has 25 branch companies and 135 express centers. Its service networks cover in almost all major cities of China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Shenzhen, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Zhuhai, Wenzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Qingdao…and more. Also, there are many agencies for it in some cities like Shanghai, Ningbo, etc.

Express Network

District Number of Countries Service Points Number of Employees Vehicles Number of planes Centers
Europe/Africa 119 1,491 29,037 9,556 107 14
Asia-Pacific 40 810 15,985 3,421 12 4
Middle East 11 97 1,568 596 7 2
America 58 604 16,962 5,003 126 15
Total 228 3,002 63,552 18,576 252 35

Contact DHL

Customer Service Hotline: 800-810-8000  
Mobile phone users,please dial 400-810-8000

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