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China EMS ePacket (EUB)

What is ePacket or EUB?

For the needs of e-commerce goods’ delivery between China mainland and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and more countries, China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd provides E-commerce express services which meet the needs of the individuals and enterprises engaged in online trade to post some light-weight goods. The E-commerce express service includes ePacket and e-EMS.

ePacket also called EUB or e Youbao (e邮宝) is an affordable, convenient and fast shipping option offered by merchants in China and Hong Kong mainly for light parcels under the weight of 2kg (UK under 5kg). As the name (“e”Packet) implies, the shipping service was designed for ecommerce. It is an exclusive shipping service for merchants on eBay, Aliexpress, etc. ePacket is registered and can be tracked for online buyers to follow the status of their packets shipped out from China and Hong Kong.

ePacket/EUB Postage Rate (Last Update: Nov. 10, 2021)

Tracking Number Format

The tracking number of EUB is made up of 13 characters beginning with “L” and another letter then followed with 9 digits and ending with “CN”. i.e. LK987654321CN

List of Countries You Can Ship to via ePacket (Last Update: Feb.1, 2020)

Not all countries support ePacket deliveries. There are 39 countries and areas that you can ship to using China Post's ePacket service now. It will be expanded to more countries and regions in the future.

Arabia, Australia, Austria
Belgium, Brazil
Finland, France,
Germany, Greece
Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy
Malaysia, Mexico
Netherlands,New Zealand, Norway
Hong Kong
Poland, Portugal
Saudi, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
UK, Ukraine, USA

Want to ship to the country that is not on the list for ePacket shipping? We suggest you use China Post Small Parcel or China International EMS.

How long does it take for an ePacket to be delivered?

1. Estimated Delivery Time to Mexico: 20 working days
2. Estimated Delivery Time to Russia, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine: 7- 20 working days
3. Estimated Delivery Time to other countries: 7 - 30 working days.

Note: The above time is the average arrival time for ePacket. Some of the parcels may be delayed by holidays, bad weather or other reasons. In most cases, it should arrive in two months. Better contact China EMS as soon as possible if you couldn't receive it within two months as it's not normal. 

Packet Size Limit

Maximum Size: 90 cm in length, width and depth combined; greatest dimension could not exceed 60cm. Maximum for roll form: length plus twice the diameter 104 cm, greatest dimension could not exceed 90cm.
Minimum Size: 11cm in width and 14cm in length. Minimum for roll form: length plus twice the diameter 17cm, greatest dimension could not be less than 11cm.

Weight limit for ePacket packages

Each ePacket package should be less than 2 kg. The only exception to this is when shipping to Israel, Russia and UK. Packages to Israel and Russian Federation can be up to 3 kg and packages to UK can be up to 5 kg.

Delivery Range:

(1) United States - all territories outside the home and homeland and their overseas military mailing addresses;

(2) United Kingdom - the mainland and the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man;

(3) France - only the local area, the French overseas territories can not be delivered

French Overseas Territorial Name Postal Code Rules
Guadeloupe: Pointe A Pitre 97100—97199
Martinique: Fort De France 97200—97299
Guyane Française: Cayenne 97300—97399
Réunion: Saint Denis 97400—97499
St Pierre et Miquelon: St Pierre 97500—97599
Mayotte: Mamoudzou 97600—97699
St Barthelemy: Saint Barthelemy 97700—97799
St Martin: Saint Martin 97800—97899

(4) Other countries and regions - only local.


If the parcel get lost, delayed or damaged, the sender couldn’t get any compensation.
To those parcels couldn’t be delivered successfully, it will be returned back to the sender. (Return service is not available if the parcel is sent to Germany)

If you have any more questions, please call China EMS customer service hotline 11183 if you are in China and +86 10 11183 if you are outside China. Only Chinese language is available.

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