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China Post International Small Parcel


China Post International Small Parcel service is for the delivery of lightweight items below two kilograms from China to other countries and regions. It’s the most economic delivery way among all the logistics transportation forms such as EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT and can be registered to track the shipment. As long as the packet (except prohibition items) is less than 2kg with the size less than 90 cm in length, width and depth combined and greatest dimension less than 60cm, it can be posted as small parcel. A small parcel is usually delivered through three transport means – Air, Surface Air Lifted (SAL) and Surface. Because the Surface delivery needs a long time (usually 40-70 days), more people use Air or SAL. The China post international registered air mail is now greatly used in e-commerce market such as Ebay, Amazon, AliExpress...and by individual customers. Items such as small parts, accessories, clothes, shoes and more articles for daily use are fit to use this way of delivery.  


1. China Post Registered Packet: Higher rate than normal mail but can be tracked online. This is greatly used for electronic product, accessories, clothes, and arts and crafts...sellers on eBay.
2. China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus (untracked packet): Lower rates without shipment track & trace service and compensation for the loss.

Classified by transportation means, the service is divided into three types - Air Parcel, Surface Air Lift (SAL) and Surface Parcel. You can get their difference at FAQs.

Tracking Number Format:

The Shipment ID of registered small parcel consists of 13 characters beginning with “R” and another letter following with 9 digits and ending with “CN”.  e.g. RS123456789CN;

Tracking number for China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is only composed of 9 digits or 13 characters beginning with “U” and another letter following with 9 digits and ending with “CN”. e.g. 123456789, UN123456789CN


1. It is cheaper and faster than regular registered mail for packets below 2kg. The charge mean which is charged by every 100gm is more reasonable than other delivery ways which are by every 500gm. This enables the sellers to cut their costs to the bone and enhance the price competitiveness.
2. It can be reached to over 200 countries and regions of the world. As long as there are post offices, your parcel can be reached.
3. The small parcel is safe and has a very low rate of loss. You can also track the registered parcel online.
4. Less time in customs clearance: as China Post has a long-term good cooperation relationship with the Customs, the small parcel can be passed quickly without any cost.

Weight and Size Limit:

1. Weight Limit:
The maximum weight for the small packet is 2kg(to Saudi Arabia it can’t exceed 1kg)
2. Size Limit:
a: Maximum Size:
For a rectangular packet, the length + width + height should be 90cm or less and the maximum length is 60cm. For a cylindrical packet, length plus twice the diameter should be 104cm or less, and the greatest dimension could not exceed 90cm.
b: Minimum Size:
Greatest dimension should be not less than 14cm and width should exceed 9cm for a rectangular packet. For a roll form: length plus twice the diameter should exceed 17cm and the minimum length is 10cm.
A tolerance of 2 millimeters is allowed for both the maximum and minimum sizes.

Postage Rate:

Price of small parcels posted from China to different countries differs with the shipment ways, weight and countries. E.g. the price for a parcel sent by air from China to USA is different for the same one by Surface Air Lift from China to USA. Please click Postage Rate of China Post Small Parcels to get the exact rate.
Category of Parcel Charge Unit Zone1 Zone2 Zone3
Price (RMB)
Air Up to 100 gm 25.00 30.00 35.00
Every additional 100 gm 23.00 27.00 33.00
Surface Air Lift (SAL) Up to 100 gm 22.00 27.00 32.00
Every additional 100 gm 18.00 23.00 28.00
Surface Up to 100 gm 18.00
Every additional 100 gm 13.0
Note: For explanations about Air Parcel, Surface Air Lift (SAL) Parcel, and Surface Parcel, please go to China Post FAQs.

Delivery Time:

The delivery time is usually decided by the process time of the post offices and customs clearance condition. The following time is just for your reference.
1. Air Parcel:
To China Neighboring countries: 7 – 15 Days
To European and American countries: 10 – 30 Days
To other countries and regions: 15 – 40 Days
2. Surface Air Lift (SAL) Parcel: 30 – 60 Days
3. Surface Parcel: 60 – 120 Days

Estimated Arrival Time for China Post Airmail Packet
Destination Avg. Arrival Time Avg. Arrival Days
USA 10-60 Days 20
UK 10-40 Days 15
Canada 10-60 Days 30
Australia 7-60 Days 30
Germany 10-25 Days 18
France 7-50 Days 20
Egypt 25-30 Days 28
Brazil 7-50 Days 25
Denmark 7-25 Days 12
Finland 7-40 Days 13
India 10-50 Days 20
Indonesia 10-25 Days 15
Ireland 10-30 Days 20
Italy 10-30 Days 18
Japan 5-20 Days 10
Malaysia 12-30 Days 20
New Zealand 7-15 Days 12
Norway 7-30 Days 15
Philippines 10-20 Days 15
Pakistan 12-50 Days 25
Poland 7-18 Days 10
Portugal 10-30 Days 20
Russia 7-40 Days 20
Saudi Arabia 15-50 Days 28
Singapore 7-15 Days 9
South Africa 40-90 Days 55
South Korea 7-20 Days 12
Spain 10-35 Days 20
Sweden 7-20 Days 15
Switzerland 7-15 Days 12
Thailand 5-15 Days 10
Turkey 10-35 Days 20
UAE 10-30 Days 18
Uzbekistan 20-40 Days 30
Vietnam 10-25 Days 18

About Compensation
● For registered parcel, once the loss is confirmed, you can ask for compensation to China Post. The China Post will evaluate the value of the goods and give you compensation. Usually you can get two or three times of the shipping charge. The registration fee can’t be returned.
● For normal mail, you can’t get any compensation.    

If you have more questions, please dial the China Post customer service hotline 11185 if you are in China and +86 10 11185 if you are outside China. Only Chinese language is available.

Also get to know China Post International Large Package (which is for items between 2kg-30kg)

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