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How do I track a package from China?

First, you need to get the tracking number of the package. With the tracking number, you can track the location of the package at any time.

How to Track?

Step 1: Enter The Tracking Number
Step 2: Click The Tracking Button
Step 3: Check The Tracking Result
Where to get the tracking number? 

If you placed an order from an online shop in China, you usually can find the tracking number from the order or package info pages in your account. If you couldn’t find it, you can contact the seller to ask for the number. If you send the package from China yourself, the staff of China Post will provide you with the tracking number at the time of you send it.

Then, you can track your package by filling in the tracking number from China Post Tracking Tool:

If you couldn’t get any information or couldn’t understand it, you can ask your question for free here:

Questions and Answers

Package is not at the post office

There was no confirmation sent to me regarding this purchase nor were there any emails sent saying a package was sent or a tracking number issued. I later found out from my credit card company that a package was sent and they provided me with a tracking number. Upon investigating the tracking number I found that the package was sent to the post office on September 17. I checked the post office today and they did not have any package sent to my P.O. Box number 3133. What is China post issued a US PS tracking number so that I can track the package at my post office? I gave them the China post tracking number and they could not use that to find the package.

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Keith Barnett | 9/27/2022 8:02:02 PM


I ordered a fridge off amazon was provided with china post tracking #AW489585554CA when will I receive this?

1 Answer(s) | Asked by sarah | 9/16/2022 2:58:02 PM

My package has not been delivered .

China Post tracking number . AQ848730782CN. This package has a tick in the delivered box, but has not been delivered?. The tracking stops at 到达【英格兰邮件处理中心】,Arrival at Estonian mail processing center ?.

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Mr Antony Orr | 9/13/2022 4:33:32 AM

Lost shipment??

Please advise the Canada Post tracking number. Thank you.. China Post tracking number is AS810899648CN

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Noella Jones | 9/7/2022 4:20:55 PM

Package held in customs

My package arrived June 18 and has been 'held in Beijing customs' for the last 11 days. I have not received a notice, I just tracked it first from the origin country (US) and then on China Post. It says it is being held, but I do not know what to do to get it out of customs as I have not received a notice. The USPS and now China Post tracking number is RE053043643US. Please let me know what i need to do to get my package - I am in Shanghai.

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Dawn Sillapere | 6/28/2022 10:50:44 PM

Please help my package number my package LZ660789321CN until now no news

LZ660789321CN. My item was ordered on February 4, 2021. . How do I find out where it is or do follow up.I have contacted all the possible delivery sites in town and no one is familiar with this package.. . When I contacted Indonesian Post I was advised that the coding on this item is not trackable in Indonesia. . . Does my item exist or SCAMMED ? .. I would appreciate some assistance as soon as possible.. Thank you... . Subject: RE: tracking package from China. Hi there,. . I have been very patient, but I need some information and direct answers... According to the China Post tracking site,. my package LZ660789321CN. I just checked my package 2021-02-23 16:51 Guangzhou City / [Provincial International Baiyun Sales Department] Arrange delivery, courier: Luo Zheng.. and now it's June 2022 there is no progress on my package update. Where is my package and how do I get it? . Is this a SCAM?....

0 Answer(s) | Asked by ASTIAWAN | 6/21/2022 1:43:46 AM

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