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Sep 11, 2019 3

3 days and my parcel doesn't even show up but I understand due the current situation. Heard guanzhou airport is overloaded due hk airport shutting down but can only guess if it's true? Don't know what's going on. It's less then a week and I don't want to bother the seller yet. Probably have to wait some more. Just hope it get's here one way or another. And that they can resolve their situation peaceful.

Sep 05, 2019 2

It is a painfully slow service. Last time it took me a month and a half. HK post is billion times superior.

Sep 04, 2019 4

Thanks a lot. Item in good condition.

Aug 30, 2019 1

My package sent on 7/15/19 in Guangzhou, my last updated online was 7/23/19 in Shanghai. It's more than a month I still don't know where is my package, I don't even know it's lost or on the way, so disappointed!

Aug 30, 2019 1

I paid an extra $35 dollars so I can get my package between August 23-August 28 2019. It's a day after August 28 and after reading some reviews I think it will take much longer and that's completely unprofessional. I paid extra for it to get here sooner. If I was gonna wait this long, I would have just got free shipping. So disappointing.

About ChinaPostalTracking

ChinaPostalTracking is a third party package tracking platform supporting online package tracking of worldwide express and postal couriers. Simply enter a tracking number of international or domestic package in the tracking tool, you will get tracking information for the package quickly.

Common FAQs

Q: What is the reason of no tracking information for my parcel?
A: In general, the tracking information for a parcel needs one or two days to update after the carrier getting it. You’d better wait one or two days after it’s shipped and then track its status. For no tracking records of your tracking number, it may be caused because the sender hasn’t sent it. Or, you typed the numbers wrongly. You’d better contact the sender to make sure the parcel has been sent and you typed the correct number. If you still can't get any result, better contact the sender to ask if it’s traceable. For example: tracking number composed of 9 digits only belongs to China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus. It couldn’t be tracked or only can be tracked when it’s in China.

Q: In the last many days I did not get any update. Where is my parcel? Is it lost on the way?
A : No more update doesn’t mean lost. There are many situations about this:
1. It may couldn’t be tracked after it leaves the first station of China because it’s China Post Ordinary Packet. Tracking number formats of China Post Ordinary Packet: UC123456789CN,123456789 . Most of the retailers on eBay, Wish, or Aliexpress like to use this way to send cheap price items.
2. It couldn’t be tracked after it leaves China. This also happens for China Post ordinary packet. 
3. If the parcel has been exported, the shipping status will not be updated until the parcel arrives in the destination country. This period may last for 3-60 days depending on different shipping methods. 

Q: My parcel was stuck at somewhere for some days. Could you update the information?
A: ChinaPostalTracking is a tracking website getting tracking data from different couriers and providing the tracking information to you for free. We are not logistics companies thus could do nothing for the delivery process. Only when the courier updates their data, could we update it accordingly. If you find your parcel stuck at somewhere over ten days, you’d better contact the local courier to check it for you. 

Q: What should I do if the package delivery failed?
A: If tracking status showing ‘delivery failed’, it means the carrier has tried to deliver it to the recipient but couldn’t do it successfully because of the wrong address or the recipient couldn’t be connected through phone. When this happens, most of the carrier would keep the package at the post office for about two weeks. You need to contact the carrier as soon as possible to ask for redelivery. Or, it will be returned back to the sender after two weeks. 
→ More FAQs about China Post / EMS Tracking

China Post Number Rules:

( R# *** *** *** CN )    ( V# *** *** *** CN )
( A# *** *** *** CN )    ( C# *** *** *** CN )
( XA *** *** *** ** )    ( U# *** *** *** CN )
( *** *** ***)

China EMS (ePacket) Number Rules:

( # Letter, * Digit, ! Letter Or Digit )
( E# *** *** *** CN )   ( L# *** *** *** CN )
( E# *** *** *** CS )   ( CT *** *** *** CN )
( CY *** *** *** CN )   ( F# *** *** *** CN )
( B# *** *** *** CN )   ( A# *** *** *** CN )
( *** *** *** *** * )

Contact Information

Contact China Post:

Postal Business: 8610 11185
Package Tracking: 8610 11183 (then 8 for English Service)

Contact EMS (ePacket):

Logistics and EMS: 8610 11183 (then 8 for English Service)

Questions and Answers

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ciao a tutti vengo dall Italia

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Change address

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Where is my parcel?

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Tracking not updated since the 12/9/2019

0 Answer(s) | Asked by chippy49 | 9/19/2019 1:33:25 AM

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