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CHANEY from United States | 5/19/2024 2:01:45 PM
AS*********CN not delivered in Days
I ordered four different items from Walmart. All the items were sent via China Post. Not one item made it to my house, but they did make it to Puerto Rico, Florida, and Mexico. I will not buy the item if I see that China Post is the delivery company. It is a scam.
Peter from South Africa | 5/19/2024 5:18:36 AM
AM*********CN not delivered in 35 Days
No delivery tracking states delivery no package deliverd Triedto call no help from China post Nornal bad china service thy just dont care I have lost moneyand goods Bad Bad Bad
Mohamed Mokrani from Canada | 4/19/2024 5:44:19 PM
AM*********CN not delivered in 100 Days
parcel not delivered, it is terrible, even the delivery addressee is not mentioned, it says it is delivered but I did not receive anything, they mentione only the city. it is terrible, I just lost my money and there is no way to claim back.
Gul from United States | 4/16/2024 6:34:16 AM
AS*********CN not delivered in Days
They show like my parcel delivered 12 April 17.25 . But I received this 13.20 same day . And I'm not received ant you can show it's delivered 17.25 if its still 13.20 ??? This is froude.
NikkiP from United States | 3/12/2024 4:23:37 PM
AT*********CN not delivered in 12 Days
Waited over a month.. tracked the package multiple times. Package said delivered 2/29/2024 and I was home all day. no deliveries that day. My ring camera also verified. I cannot get ahold of anyone. Shipper said to look in my mailbox.. It was a cat tree, so obviously it won't fit in the mailbox and if my neighbors had gotten it they would have brought it over. So basically I was ripped off.
Anna Munsayac from United States | 2/5/2024 4:24:02 AM
AS*********CN delivered in 15 Days
Very good experience with China Post. The price is cheaper than other couriers and it's also fast. Will use China Post to ship in the furture.
k from Ireland | 1/22/2024 12:24:59 PM
eb*********cn not delivered in 43 Days
Our parcel is in transit for 43 days it hasnt moved since December 22nd ordered from pandabuy who say just wait 60 days and then it might be lost horrific service.
Ayrin from Ireland | 11/27/2023 12:53:55 PM
AM*********CN not delivered in Days
I order a jacket from dhgate. On the China post tracking it says the item was delivered a week ago. I still have not received it. Is there still a chance it will arrive.
ChrisP. from United States | 11/22/2023 8:55:05 PM
AT*********CN not delivered in 30 Days
After waiting nearly a month for my package to arrive, I got a notice saying it had been delivered to my home. Except it never arrived. When contacted about the issue with delivery, China Post just claimed it got delivered and that I should ask my neighbors if they took it. :(
AJ from Canada | 11/22/2023 4:35:47 PM
AT*********CN not delivered in 16 Days
Tracking shows it was delivered to my address but no package arrived. I reviewed the camera and no person came at the time it says delivered. 3 days later still nothing. Such a scam.
Helen sheldon from United States | 11/9/2023 3:38:46 PM
AM*********CN not delivered in 15 Days
slow delivery, took over two weeks then says its delivered, but i did not recive my package. my security camera show that no one has been to our door, and show that not even a delivery truck has been down our street.
Victoria Hicks from United States | 11/7/2023 6:35:50 PM
AM*********CN not delivered in 21 Days
They actually improvised a tracking of my package and no United States parcel service has any information on it. The china post tracking says it was delivered but I received nothing !!!
Dollz from Canada | 11/7/2023 4:43:30 PM
AM*********CN not delivered in 19 Days
I ordered an item online that was posted on facebook.Upon ordering I received a confirmation email with the tracking number and it says it is CHINA POST..I track my item and it was okay at first.It was in transit for maybe 10 to 12 days, after that two days that it says out for delivery..The next day it says delivered but I didnt receive anything.So I dont know where my package went.
John from United Kingdom | 11/4/2023 2:00:32 PM
AM*********CN not delivered in Days
Tracking says delivered, nothing received. No delivery made proved with cameras. 
catherinedale from United Kingdom | 10/27/2023 12:49:50 PM
AM*********CN not delivered in Days
4th Time using china post, and all times my parcels never turned up . Yet again the tracking number said it had been delivered and signed for . no sign of any delivery van outside my flat. Yet again more lies this really has to be the worst company out there.
Beaded from United States | 10/22/2023 2:09:45 PM
AT*********CN not delivered in 20 Days
The package was never delivered or Saturday. I don’t know Friday he said that I slip you have to pick up your package next minute next day. It says it was deliver. Go ask your friends or your family or go to the post office but nope nothing ever showed Aunt so I’m waiting for a long time for this package, it’s been too many days so I think everything is just a scam you keep on asking questions and now you got is just like a robot answering you back same questions some are different that you can’t get anybody to tell you where your packages I’ve been on a lot of tracking places to find out that it just says deliver which never came. I looked all over my place so I got burned. They had stopped taking advantage of people.
Smcro from United States | 10/9/2023 3:17:47 AM
AG*********CN delivered in 16 Days
It was delivered on in 16 days. I have been worried about it for a week. It finally came. If you don't receive your package in your expected time, just wait for more days. China Post provides very good service.
Josh from United States | 10/8/2023 1:14:00 PM
AT*********CN not delivered in 8 Days
There tracking says my package was delivered I checked with my post office when they said it arrived there they never got the package and now it says delivered and I never received it I never signed for it and my camera never seen anyone deliver a package.
Oleksii from Germany | 7/9/2023 9:32:57 AM
AQ*********CN not delivered in 21 Days
Hello! I have ordered a package. The shipper was China Post. According to tracking, it showed that I received and signed for the package after 21 days. There was no delivery. Tracking is no longer tracked. Didn't receive a package. The delivery person replies to messages with no details and in a rude manner! I do not recommend this delivery! 
LBowen from United States | 7/1/2023 2:39:43 PM
*************** not delivered in 12 Days
Be wary of sites and Both appear to be fictitious. I have purchased from (HSN-Factory Outlet Shop) and although the tracker appears to be following something, the website design is incomplete and a replica of Unfortunately, I did not notice until after I had placed my order. Now, the order is apparently still in transit and may actually arrive, but based on other reviews here I am not overly optimistic. If the item does arrive, I will post an update, but didn't want others to fall for a potential scam in the meantime.

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