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MURAT YANIK from Turkey | 3/6/2021 6:12:15 PM
RE*********CN not delivered in 98 Days
98 days have passed, the parcel still could not leave china. The location of the parcel has not been updated for 50 days. Where is my parcel.
Vincent from Singapore | 2/26/2021 6:54:28 AM
CP*********CN delivered in 30 Days
Thank you China Post for the successful delivery today! Understood the delay caused by Covid 2019, please keep up the effort! Yet to receive another parcel since 2020-12-06 and hope to receive soon. :) Happy Yuan Xiao Jie !!!
Darlingking from Congo (Democratic Republic of the) | 2/1/2021 4:43:13 AM
************ delivered in 6 Days
It was easier using ChinapostalTracking to check my package location. They can tell you the exact location of your package.
gr8vic from Nigeria | 1/27/2021 12:32:20 PM
RW*********CN delivered in 80 Days
Though it tarry, it finally arrived on Friday 22nd after almost 3 months of placing order. I almost lose hope thinking it was scam. I think you guys should expedite action in prompt delivery to any part of the world.
Pascal from France | 1/14/2021 4:58:51 PM
CT*********CN delivered in 14 Days
Daisy helps me a lot with a good communication. One week later i ve got my package.thanks a s perfect !
Sally520 from United States | 1/4/2021 4:37:26 AM
LZ*********CN not delivered in 40 Days
40 days after I made the order, I finally get my shoes. Due to the CORVID-19, most packages are delayed.
somemanfor1man from Ireland | 12/23/2020 9:13:44 AM
LT*********NL delivered in 31 Days
This website appears to be better for tracking items in comparison to the local post website in my own country. I have had issues with parcels coming from China however it was more the fault of the supplier rather than the postal service. The only annoyance with post coming from china is the waiting time....then again its very I cant complain too much
Scorbin5363 from United States | 12/21/2020 1:54:37 AM
LY*********CN not delivered in 28 Days
Waiting 28 days package was due to me in Blaine, MN 55449 November 26th. Tracking still is China. Contacted USPS and they confirmed it has not made USA yet. It was a Christmas gift for my granddaughter.
Sally from United States | 12/7/2020 3:43:58 AM
LY*********CN delivered in 40 Days
Excellent! China post service is excellent. Although it's hard for me to make the call, the website is very helpful. Daisy is very helpful to answer every question of me. Thank you.
oesman from Korea | 12/5/2020 2:09:55 AM
RU*********NL not delivered in 63 Days
I'm still waiting for my parcel. I chose the express option for the delivery, but yet in 2 months I havent received anything from the store.
Jane from United States | 11/20/2020 3:21:05 AM
LY*********CN delivered in 40 Days
I receive my item today. It takes 41 days to get it. Acceptable. I could understand the delay due to the CORVID-19. Be patient!
Bas from Netherlands | 11/19/2020 12:28:19 PM
EV*********CN not delivered in 1 Days
Very bad, express shiping 7 to 15 days. Now 24 days and no pakkage. Very 4 days the package arrived. Where is my pakkage?
Bayati from Malaysia | 11/18/2020 12:33:08 PM
LP*********CN not delivered in 7 Days
Efficient, fast and reliable!
no name from India | 11/11/2020 9:01:15 AM
cp*********cn not delivered in 72 Days
My friend send parcel to me on 12th September from china to india but its been 2 months and still no update on my parcel .....very bad experience. The stuff in that parcel is really important for me at the moment ..... later it will be of no use to me ....
Liu Na from Singapore | 10/16/2020 6:59:46 AM
RC*********SG delivered in 1 Days
I would like to say the China post service is excellent. The website is very helpful as the tracking information was updated timely and fast and this was very useful. The actual delivery time was 10 days lesser than estimated. The goods received in good condition despite travelled so far, so long and so many stations. I feel like to send more parcels if the import tax is remain little or no tax. Thanks.
COUPAL from Canada | 10/9/2020 9:22:45 PM
RV*********CN delivered in 15 Days
October 9th 2020: My wife ordered 4 dresses May 13th 2020 that was supposed to be shipped May 30th 2020. After 3 and a half month, we did a claim to PayPal so as to get a reimbursement. Finally, we received on dress September 4th 2020 because the shipment was split in 2 parcels. Originally until last week, the China Post tracking for the 2 parcels was showing send to California. After a correction of claim to PayPal for 3 dresses missing and going every day to the Canada Post office, we received today October 9th 2020 the last parcel after almost 5 months after the order and payment. Very bad service. Those dresses were need for summer. Now, in October, we are close to get snow for the winter. Be careful about internet and Facebook advertising. It shows company with real name like (ARCTERYX). They show products with real name with price with not mentioning the currency. Once paid, it tell you it is in US$ and the seller is with Chinese symbol. I was just caught this afternoon with a payment with PayPal. I cancelled 30 minutes after. I hope I will be successful.
star night from Denmark | 10/8/2020 4:30:30 PM
LT*********NL delivered in 26 Days
For the last 2 months, l ordered 5 items, mostly clothes, it arrived 3 /4 weeks, the goods mostly stuck in the Europen country custom cleaning, it takes them forever, all they do are waiting for their money paycheck. I blame lazy workers here. A friend of mine work at the post office, l have........... no words.
Rebecca from Australia | 9/30/2020 1:09:38 PM
UJ*********CN not delivered in 3 Days
I ordered my package on the 30th of aug and it’s not set to arrive until the 25th of November, huge waste of my time and I’ll no longer need the item and can either return it once it gets to me or use it. I’m moving and China post won’t let me change the address on the package in their system. Would appreciate if delivery time was faster.
Oscar from United States | 9/28/2020 4:07:13 AM
LY*********CN delivered in 40 Days
I ordered a toy from China on Aug 20 estimated delivery was Sept 20. It arrives today. It's traceable from the order was created to the time it's delivered by USPS. Although it's few days late, it could be accepted.
Dale Kaczmarek from United States | 9/27/2020 8:59:42 PM
LY*********CN delivered in 1 Days
My package, according to this tracking number was delivered to Florida. I live in Illinois so I think this was a scam. Monday morning I will dispute this order and get my money back on my credit card. I would advise against buying anything from the Lysol website that I ordered products from.

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