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Theresa Litchfield from United Kingdom | 9/13/2020 11:37:36 PM
QA********** delivered in 9 Days
I ordered a 3-1 Travel System from Alibaba in China, it only took 8 days to arrive into the UK (due to be delivered today). It was held at 2 DHL sites in Germany for around 5 days. I am not sure if people are truly aware that the COVID-9 Pandemic has had a major effect on Air Shipping as there are significantly less flights available. I can only answer for my experience and given these unprecedented times I was amazed that my shipment arrived so quickly into the UK. I was expecting a delay of at least 20 days due to the lack of flights, which is not a failing of the system it is the reality of the COVID-19 situation. Stay safe folks.
Joznit from Slovakia (Slovak Republic) | 9/9/2020 6:31:21 AM
LT*********NL not delivered in 1 Days
From 01.sept. 2020 is a package at customs in Liege-Linehaul. I do not know what's going on. Recently, deliveries from China have been waiting at customs for a very long time, or they will not arrive at all. Do something about it, because in the future, everyone will consider whether to order goods from China or not. I personally-stop ordering goods from China. It's disgusting !!! Jozef P
Eric From US from United States | 9/9/2020 1:45:23 AM
LN*********CN delivered in 14 Days
Package took two weeks to get here. I was originally quoted 6 weeks. Awesome job.
Feliciano from Italy | 9/3/2020 10:46:16 AM
LZ*********CN not delivered in 25 Days
I ordered a laser engraving, but I've received a ring. This is a scam. I ordered fron Zhang, ing No. 75 Yuxi Lane, Guiyang Guizhou 550007 China, phone 8618059159555
moty from United States | 9/2/2020 4:05:55 PM
RV*********CN not delivered in 34 Days
I cant understand why China post is so bad, the packages keeps circling from one city to another city and takes month to get to destinations.
Tat from Germany | 8/31/2020 2:58:04 PM
LE*********CN delivered in 13 Days
Thank you! I just get my package. It takes 35 days to be delivered. I have thought it needs longer time than this.  It was delayed by DHL for many days. Don't blame China Post only. Sometimes, it's the courier in your country delays it. 
Dough56 from Canada | 8/25/2020 4:28:31 PM
RV*********CN delivered in 37 Days
37 days and my package is waiting to be delivered. Too bad it is in Easton, Pa and my address is in Canada. Would have been good to get package to the correct country. Nota happy camper.
Keven McInnes from Australia | 8/14/2020 3:17:49 AM
LX*********CN delivered in 10 Days
If you have received something near worthless that fits into a small package or envelope from 36-3-16 Majiabao West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing 100068, PRC, chances are you have been scammed. This criminal has been advertising on Facebook and Instagram popular products worth a few hundred US Dollars at a deep discount. Once you make a purchase, they will send you something worthless and cheap to mail. After you complain that they have sent you the wrong product, they will offer you a refund of a few dollars, a fraction of what you paid; or claim that they will mail you the correct product once you return the incorrect product to them. If you try to do this return, they will claim never to have received it. If you try to get a refund from PayPal or your credit-card issuer, they will claim that this is a case of delivery error, and all will be sorted out once you successfully return the incorrect product. They are trying to look legitimate to PayPal and credit-card issuers, whilst trying to wear you down in an endless return loop, in which you never get the correct product or a refund. I got scammed by a company named Elope selling a "Nordic-Style Creative Foldable Stool" via a Facebook advert. Don't buy anything from Facebook or Instagram ads unless it is by a reputable seller, or unless the seller has a decent online presence (product sold on other channels, professional reviews, consumer comments, etc).
Nino from United States | 8/11/2020 4:01:59 AM
LY********CN delivered in 11 Days
Never recieved the product. Shipped June 24, 2020 Was delivered to wrong address. I live in Arizona was delivered to Vail.
As it's delivered to the wrong address, you need to contact the seller to ask if the tracking number is right. The seller may give you a tracking number of another customer. If the number is right, he may filled the address by mistake. If all are right, you need to contact USPS to reflect the problem and check it for you as soon as possible. The seller should give you a solution at last if you couldn't get it.  
Raysa from Australia | 8/3/2020 10:23:56 AM
LZ*********CN delivered in 28 Days
Order was processed on July 8, tracking showed item was almost continually on the move. Finally reached Australia, then on to Melbourne and delivered to me on August 3. Consider this an exceptionally good outcome considering the state of the world and the huge distance and number of parties involved in getting my goods to me. Well done everyone.
M Chambers from United States | 7/31/2020 10:58:29 PM
LY*********CN not delivered in 73 Days
I ordered early May from Aliexpress. It shipped out quickly, but then got stuck in limbo after May 23rd. Store owner said it was delayed in customs. Well, it finally came out of limbo on today (July 31) and was picked up by USPS. Miracles do happen! But why would it be stuck in customs so long?! And why not update tracking to indicate it has reached customs and is no longer China Post's responsibility?
Luke from Switzerland | 7/31/2020 7:55:16 AM
UJ*********CN not delivered in 53 Days
Tracker indicates it is at host processing center. It has been 20 days since that update. I also received another package I ordered after that update on another tracking number. Is everytbing alright it has been almost 2 months. Other than that thank you for your great service! The packages are handled with care:)
djrobinfox from United States | 7/30/2020 11:13:17 PM
???????? not delivered in 1 Days
Thank you so much for the delivery! It came just in time and the product was good and safe. You have a very good postal system in China, that is why we Americans love you so much.
Tat from Germany | 7/25/2020 1:11:51 PM
LE*********CN not delivered in 12 Days
Very fast shipping, thank you!!
HL from United Kingdom | 7/21/2020 9:52:55 PM
UJ*********CN not delivered in 61 Days
I receive the package today finally. It took 61 days to UK from China. I was worried that it got lost in the way. Finally a long wait is over. Phew! Many thanks for all the personnel involved with my purchase.
Grandchildren from United States | 7/18/2020 8:34:01 PM
LS*********CN delivered in 90 Days
Ordered a item at the end of April. I was under the impression it would only be 30 days delivery according to the seller. But with everything going on with Covid 19 I comp,Evelyn understand. It’s the waiting and seeing your package just sit there with no activity. Then after it finally gets to Chicago and you think it will finally be delivered but actually it sat there for over 2 weeks. Now it is finally in Boston Usps. I am jumping for joy. But now I know how long it would take and I am fine with that. They are really good getting back to you if you have any questions.
good man from United States | 7/17/2020 5:03:49 AM
LY*********CN delivered in 60 Days
Ordered the package May 16. Handed over to airline in Shanghai on May 20. I finally arrived in Chicago on July 16. Two months are needed to receive it. I have thought it's lost. Shipping really is taking longer due to the pandemic.
MEATBALL from United States | 7/16/2020 12:52:58 AM
LY*********CN not delivered in 60 Days
I get it, the world is shut down. Ordered package May 18th. Sitting in somewhere China and handed over to airline on June 16th...still waiting. Delivery to Florida. Let's go!!!
gopher123 from United States | 7/12/2020 6:19:35 PM
LS*********CN not delivered in 60 Days
Ordered online from US website. Did not declare was going to be shipped from China.. Delivery promised within 7 days. After 14 days contacted web site, email invalid. Filed complaint with credit card, they refunded my money after a they reviewed the my complaint and evidence non responsive emails. Guess what today I received one pair of socks from some unidentifiable Chine person with same tracking number as the one they provided for the merchandise I originally ordered back in May. I tracked this number and shows it was shipped on 5.29.20 from China (the socks.) Kudos to my credit card co because I was getting scammed big time and was never going to get the original merchandise Which was NOT socks. Buyer beware!!
Shirley uk from United Kingdom | 7/11/2020 9:51:34 AM
LX*********CN not delivered in 12 Days
June 29 sent in Shenzhen, the same day arrived in Guangzhou, the 3rd day ready for sent to the UK. Though there were almost 9 days without any further updates made me bit worried but 11th day showed arrived in UK and next day I received my parcel. I'm very glad there was no delay.

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