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Dee1 from United States | 4/1/2020 1:28:08 PM
LY*********CN not delivered in 25 Days
I am leaving this review to help some of you out. I find that using 17track of ChinaPostal Tracking gives you a more up to date look at where your package is. While the updates from the origin post (China) are in Chinese, you simply need to copy the text from the last date information was posted and paste it into Google Translate. This will let you know if the package has even made it to an international exchange station. Just a helpful suggestion! Thanks!
Slater435 from United States | 3/23/2020 3:17:15 AM
LW*********CN not delivered in 100 Days
Still nothing. I contacted manufacturers and said 7-14 days and though of course more time for Covid 19 crisis. But wow getting to 30 days now.
Jaspaul Singh from India | 3/19/2020 8:18:20 AM
UF*********SG not delivered in 7 Days
I ordered a folding electric bike from maczze sale ( [email protected]) China and sent them the full price of $88.99 (Free Shipping) the product to be gifted to my daughter. At first they sent me tracking no GBK76845 on email dt.24/6/2019 in which they termed my order date as 1/1/1970. later they sent me another no UF133293888SG on email dated 10/8/2019 and tracking. In the site I found that the item has been received at delivery office country on 13/8/2019. Till date I did not receive the item. I have been termed as lying papa and feeling ashamed for having trade with Chine. Jaspaul Singh
Jason b from United States | 3/18/2020 3:14:25 AM
UT*********CN not delivered in 81 Days
I'm sick in tired of getting automatic response saying I need to contact my carrier when I dont even have that information. I ordered my package on 12/27/19 & here it's almost 3months later & I've still yet to receive my my order. I'm tired of getting the run around. I thought my package would be delayed for a lil bit due to this coronavirus but then I was like oh wait it was shipped before this outbreak even happened....I want what I played for in I want it a.s.a.p...
Kelly from Australia | 3/10/2020 7:52:29 AM
LO*********CN not delivered in 38 Days
Ordered parcel from blissful baby 22nd Jan 2020, still not received and 10th March 2020 now - no real explanation other than corona virus but parcel allegedly is in Australia!
Mike Oosterhuis from Canada | 3/9/2020 1:13:44 PM
LO*********CN not delivered in 10 Days
i'm still waiting on a package to even get an update and was hoping someone could shed some light on the situation i haven't received an update on the package since the 18 february, it was supposed to be here the 5th or 10th of this month but when ever i search it on your site nothing comes up.
neil from Netherlands | 3/8/2020 3:07:19 PM
*SWLT********** not delivered in Days
I want to say thank you to china post for the fast sending great work guys greetings neil
Teresa May from Austria | 3/6/2020 5:41:09 AM
EB*********CN delivered in 25 Days
Waiting for 25 days and I finally got it. Satified with your service. Every question is answered in time. Thank you.
Doodz from United Arab Emirates | 2/19/2020 7:40:33 PM
RV*********CN delivered in 14 Days
14days! Very good! Hassle-free! Accurate tracking!
CajunStyle from United States | 2/18/2020 6:24:13 PM
LW*********CN not delivered in 100 Days
I ordered a Christmas special electric car from Tyra Robert's. I contacted the company 1 week after purchase checking shipping tracking. They had no details. Again I checked 1 week later and once again no details. 3 weeks after purchase I checked again and no reply email. I filed a dispute with paypal. Then the company reached out to me requesting my order number and shipping details. I gave them my order number and the tracking number that was supposed to be with my order. They then fabricated a fake shipping order and said it was delivered at my home. This is a lie. 100% scam company! This was a gift for my nieces and 2 months later I'm the lying uncle for promising them a gift, that they seen pictures of, and it never came through. I want my order or my money back! I hate thieves
The package with this tracking number was delivered to the mailbox of HARRISON, AR 72601. If it's not your address, you can wait for PayPal to refund you. 

2020-01-30 14:43 - HARRISON, AR 72601, Delivered, In/At Mailbox -> Your item was delivered in or at the mailbox at 2:43 pm on January 30, 2020 in HARRISON, AR 72601.
Anthony from Lao People's Democratic Republic | 2/16/2020 2:12:06 AM
RP*********CN not delivered in 1 Days
Thank you China Post for clarifying the problem with packages going out of China due to the Coronavirus. I have alot packages from Aliexpress that are stuck in China and when I ask the seller's about why my order is so delayed they all tell me it's the Chinese New Year Festival extended which I didn't believe, I guess they where instructed to tell customers. I think that Aliexpress should tell the truth and not lie to customers, most people would understand the situation in China. Thank you China Post I give you 5 stars.
Brenda from China | 2/11/2020 12:09:07 PM
EB*********CN delivered in 20 Days
I ordered a necklace from AliExpress. The seller sent it on Jan. 20 and I receive it today. I have thought it will be delayed due to the coronavirus but it's not. Very satisfied with your service.
Brenda Pius from Papua New Guinea | 2/5/2020 1:41:21 AM
AS*********CN not delivered in 21 Days
I don't know when I will be receiving my parcel. The first time I ordered from China, it took 5 x days to reach me. This time its 3 weeks plus now. I wish I never ordered anything from there. It seems to be a fake sales. When tracing up, my parcel first left the warehouse, ended up at a city in China, then another city in China, then to China Hong Kong, then to USA, then to another part of USA, later back to China USA, and now to another part of China, Sheng chung, shanxx????sxxfuckxxx...dont know this places. I pray for cursing to whoever you are fooling us in this process.
Marcie from United States | 2/3/2020 6:43:00 PM
LS**********CN not delivered in 44 Days
I ordered this package on December 21st and have still not received the item I ordered. There was no tracking information available until January 18th and it moved through until January 21st but nothing has been updated since. I even paid extra for VIP Fast Shipping and here I am now 44 days later and still no package. This is unacceptable!!!! I understand that it should take a little bit longer due to customs but this is ridiculous and completely unacceptable business practice.
Luciano from United States | 2/3/2020 11:41:39 AM
CP*********CN,CP*********CN not delivered in 63 Days
Ordered packages from China during Black Friday Nov 29 2019 and believe it or not I have not received my package as of today feb 3 2020. One of the packages is still in China per the tracking details. Worst postal service ever. Tracking no’s are CP401391365CN, CP401391374CN
Ashley from United States | 1/1/2020 6:48:45 AM
LW*********CN not delivered in 41 Days
Y'all keep it in China for 23 days now how much longer are y'all going to keep it, I won't believe I get my order and till I get it in my hands and i see it my self! I hope I get the right thing I ordered and not something else I didn't ordered
Tevon D from United States | 12/30/2019 5:29:32 AM
LW*********CN not delivered in 23 Days
I ordered a Christmas gift for my girlfriend early December and through the 8th and 12th it was making good progress. Then i stopped receiving any type of update at all. Its been in transit for 23 days still at the same place its been since the 11.
Bic from China | 12/29/2019 3:58:35 AM
cp*********cn delivered in 62 Days
I have used China Post many times to send gifts to the US and NZ. I have had no issues, I send by surface which takes longer, typically 2 months. Packages usually arrive somewhere near that time, fasted was 57 days, longest 62 days. Parcels are always intact, cartons sometimes look as if they have had a rough ride but contents not damaged- not too shabby. For the slower members of society, do note, this is the China Post site; if the seller did not dispatch or has "screwed" you, ranting here is not going to help you. I notice many of the disgruntled people here have really awful English. Understood. I have really shitty Italian, Spanish, Hindu or any other language other than English. So if Chinese or English are not your first language, maybe find / hire someone to talk to the vendor in Chinese? Maybe your English has confused the seller and your parcel is still wandering around your country trying to find what the seller thought you wrote or said. Or maybe you have just been cheated. Either way, you need to talk to the seller or claim insurance, posting here is not going to help you either. I had this issue in reverse when my sister in US sent a package here several years back. Despite me sending her the Chinese address, she made a small error in one character on the package. It never arrived. Should I then rant at US postal serine and accuse them of being liars and cheats? Lastly do bear in mind that this service ONLY tracks your package to the wharf or airport in China. After that you will not hear anything until your receiver has signed for it. So, check the approx time for the service you used, then, around that time check to see if it has been delivered. If not, contact seller or make an insurance claim. Hope this helps.
Beyond from United States | 12/28/2019 5:13:34 PM
No thanks delivered in 1 Days
I've bought from China many times before and i have never been disappointed. their shipping is quite slow but we have a lazy mail lady and I do live a long ways from China so it is understandable but it just confuses me when I shipped a package to China and it got there in at least a week and it takes them 2 months to get a package to me? Sometimes when I buy things from people who use this to ship packages the boxes and stuff is either messed with or damaged but nothing inside is ever broken.
Igor from Belarus | 12/27/2019 5:50:02 PM
LA*********CN not delivered in 23 Days
The seller handed over a parcel on December LA969139953CN 4. Since then it did not decrease anywhere, and is in Shenzhen - probably is lost by service of transportation. The seller promises to specify week where it at carrier. Most likely it is necessary to excite a dispute because of not sending as Aliexpress promises cancellation of the order if the parcel is not sent within 7 days. Already there passed more than 20 days. A full refund, and then - the parcel can will arrive in about two months - as compensation of moral harm.

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