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Patricia from Australia | 10/16/2018 2:06:28 PM
LT*********CN delivered in 15 Days
Great service and very fast. I got my package and it just takes 15 days, everything is good, thanks.
Tiffany from United States | 10/13/2018 10:39:34 AM
LT*********CN delivered in 50 Days
I’m not satisfied with this shopping. I bought a scarf as a birthday gift for my friend. The seller told me I can get it in 30 days but in fact I get it in 50 days.
Michelle from United States | 10/10/2018 10:27:58 AM
LT*********CN delivered in 33 Days
I bought a coat made in china on It’s a cheap one and free shipping, but I can’t track my package. Finally, I got my coat in 33 days, it’s very beautiful, and China post service is good.

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