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Clarence from Malaysia | 11/14/2018 2:16:06 AM
********** delivered in 14 Days
Bought a T-shirt form e-Bay. All good. Delivery on time. Faster than I expected. Good work China Post!
James Allen Green from United States | 11/8/2018 11:53:12 AM
********** delivered in 32 Days
The seller of eBay uses E-packet to send my order. I got it in 32 days. It's delivered by USPS to me. Very good service.
OrdinaryUser from Australia | 11/7/2018 6:24:46 AM
********** not delivered in 99 Days
I paid $17.00 just for the shipment alone. It was fully paid on the 28th of October and it’s already the 7th of November and the tracking details are not yet updated. How can they give a tracking number and not be able to track it?
Christian from United Kingdom | 11/1/2018 1:37:57 PM
********** not delivered in 99 Days
Where is my parcel, I can't receive my parcel from China for almost 3 months, it's lost and can't track, just have one tracking information, I try to contact the seller but the seller said they have delivered it. It was frustrating that the seller told me to connect the China Post. I thought maybe I meet a fake seller.
Matthew from Australia | 10/25/2018 7:47:15 AM
********** delivered in 18 Days
I bought a zodiac charm bracelet for my girlfriend from yourchineseastrology store. They use e-packet to send it to me. It's very fast and I got it in 18 days her in Australia after finish payment. China Post is highly recommended. I never thought it could be so fast.
Andrew from United States minor outlying islands | 10/24/2018 8:51:48 AM
********** not delivered in 65 Days
The seller on AliExpress sent my item with China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus. Tracking service is not available and it takes a very long time to reach. The seller doesn't reply me. I also called China Post service number but English service is not available. Although I got it at last, I will never make order from it next time.
Mary from Canada | 10/23/2018 12:33:51 PM
LT*********CN delivered in 55 Days
My order from eBay was received nearly two months. Tracking is not available. It stopped updating after it's shipped. I've ever thought it was lost. Luckily, I got it finally. Packing and goods are not damaged.
Patricia from Australia | 10/16/2018 2:06:28 PM
LT*********CN delivered in 15 Days
Great service and very fast. I got my package and it just takes 15 days, everything is good, thanks.
Tiffany from United States | 10/13/2018 10:39:34 AM
LT*********CN delivered in 50 Days
I’m not satisfied with this shopping. I bought a scarf as a birthday gift for my friend. The seller told me I can get it in 30 days but in fact I get it in 50 days.
Michelle from United States | 10/10/2018 10:27:58 AM
LT*********CN delivered in 33 Days
I bought a coat made in china on It’s a cheap one and free shipping, but I can’t track my package. Finally, I got my coat in 33 days, it’s very beautiful, and China post service is good.

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