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Csantos5501 from United States | 8/30/2019 1:38:11 AM
LS*********CN not delivered in 23 Days
I paid an extra $35 dollars so I can get my package between August 23-August 28 2019. It's a day after August 28 and after reading some reviews I think it will take much longer and that's completely unprofessional. I paid extra for it to get here sooner. If I was gonna wait this long, I would have just got free shipping. So disappointing.
Melissa from United Kingdom | 8/24/2019 9:07:11 PM
LL*********CN not delivered in 24 Days
I've used China post quite a few times and the experience hasn't been the best but it has been ok. Except this time. The updates are glitchy and rare, and my package is constantly being returned. I've only just today found out about the returns as it has said it has been in transit to LAL for about a week. I have no idea what's happening with my package at this point but I'm hoping it comes soon.
A. T from Albania | 8/17/2019 9:23:01 PM
UR*********CN not delivered in 30 Days
It has been pasted 25 days in transit, and i cant understand why. It's the second time having this kind of problem. I don't have any info for my product since 24.7.2019. Really worst service
MitZi from United States | 8/17/2019 2:29:15 AM
LN*********CN not delivered in 15 Days
My package LN434618589CN has been stuck in the same tracking update for three weeks saying its been at the Qingdao international mail exchange center. My package has no actual update in three weeks and I don't think I'm going to even actually see my package with no update saying if its left or if its transferring.
It arrived in the US on August 21. USPS is processsing it and will deliver it to you recently. Package sent by e-packet to the US usually takes about 20-40 days to be delivered. Please wait patiently. 
Jiayue from United States | 8/15/2019 1:30:19 PM
LW*********CN delivered in Days
MY PRODUCT HAS BEEN in transit into JFK 8 days ago and still it hasn't updated anything from then. This service is slow and unclear with its tracking!!!
After it left China, there is no update untill it arrives in the US. Your package was shipped on August 8 and already delivered on August 19. It's a fast shipping for e-packet.  
med from Mauritius | 8/15/2019 7:39:34 AM
RP*********CN not delivered in 48 Days
I have order 2 blazers 2 months ago, still waiting. The tracking number stuck on the 23rd July. No update then. Could you please inform me of the update
It's already in Mauritius since August 19. You'd better contact Mauritius Post to check it. 
Tyaich from Australia | 8/14/2019 8:39:21 AM
LH*********CN not delivered in 15 Days
Only 1 of my 2 packages arrived and the 1 that arrived was broken and squished.
You can contact your local courier or the seller to give you a solution about it. 
MD from Canada | 7/31/2019 11:41:30 PM
LL*********CN not delivered in 11 Days
I’m still waiting on my two parcels I ordered from a jewelry site and it was shipped by China Postal it’s been in transit for 11 days and it never gives me accurate locations for where it is and I do not know how to contact the shipping company probably not to sure if I’ll even get my packages rate now this shipping company is very poor service until I seen better out comes or once I get my package if I do I’ll give a better review but not ever have I had to wait this long for something so sad!
Your package is in Canada now. Canada Post will deliver it to you later. Please wait patiently. 
Hammon from Korea | 7/25/2019 11:53:34 AM
RV*********CN delivered in 3 Days
I have bought hundreds of things from china delivered by China post. the service is terrible and very slow. very often my packages are crushed and broken.
Susan from Egypt | 7/17/2019 3:16:53 AM
RV*********CN delivered in 15 Days
I bought a bracelet from AliExpress, it's sent by China Post and takes 15 days to be delivered. Good job!
Thereviewers from United States | 7/6/2019 5:35:28 PM
Ur********-**** delivered in 5 Days
Hey so I order something from them the we're airpods and they came right on time and in the mail I really love this company! right now I just ordered an Apple Watch screen protector from them and it a already here! I just love China post
Tom from New Zealand | 7/1/2019 10:42:13 PM
LL*********CN not delivered in 1 Days
Item was showing delivery completed but I never received it. NZ post shop said they delivered to different address. Can you provide what address you posted to on your label?
The address couldn't be checked through the tracking number. You need to contact the sender to ask for the address he/she used to post it. 
R.P. cz from Czech Republic | 6/27/2019 3:18:41 PM
RV*********CN not delivered in 17 Days
My order from Ali is near one month frozen at same place (date of delivery time)! I mean it is again losted by company. But I must wait and wait because there is a buyer protection . .
jayjolin1977 from United States | 6/25/2019 3:30:51 AM
UI*********CN delivered in 30 Days
I called my local usps office and they told me the pacage was shipped to a residence in west virginia. i live in georgia. not sure how things got mixed up there. looks like im going to be cancelling that debit card and never getting an item from that company again...
The seller may fill the wrong address for your order or gave you a wrong tracking number which belong to another customer. You'd better contact the seller to confirm. 
NEOLA TRESSA MASCARENHAS from Germany | 6/23/2019 1:32:55 PM
LL*********CN delivered in 7 Days
I am disappointed with china post and their services. I had ordered a package via ebay which was sent via china post and I have still not received the package and it has been more than 3 weeks. The delivery notification says it has been delivered but I have not received it. China post can you please help me track the package.?
It was delivered on June 7 by DHL Paket in Germany. You'd better contact DHL to check it or contact the seller to reflect your problem. 

Latest tracking result for your package:
2019-06-07 12:11 - The shipment has been successfully delivered 
Lea from Slovakia (Slovak Republic) | 6/23/2019 2:55:07 AM
LL*********CN delivered in 12 Days
I ordered a bracelet from Your Chinese Astrology Store and received it in 12 days. Very satisfied with the service of China Post.
carlos santos from Portugal | 6/15/2019 11:26:59 PM
RH*********PT not delivered in 48 Days
my order was in china since March, it was returned to me in May, says in the tracking that arrived at the destination on 2019-06-01 16:39, but I did not receive it. these guys are not honest
It was not delivered. The last tracking information showing it arrived at the destination (it's not in China now) on June 1 and no more update for it. You'd better contact CTT to give you a solution for it. 
cpowell from Saint Kitts and Nevis | 6/11/2019 4:56:45 PM
RV*********CN not delivered in 5 Days
Horrible experience. Ordered on May 5 with cozywardrobe. According to tracking it was shipped on May 29th. Since this time, it's jumped from location to location in China, with last report showing June 6th. Looks like I've been scammed!
It's not a scam. Your package left China around June 6 and still in transit to your country now. It should be reached recently. 
Kardi from United States | 6/9/2019 3:53:59 PM
US*********CN not delivered in 3 Days
I haven't reserved my package and it been 3 weeks
This package was sent on June 9 and is in transit to your country now. The seller delayed to send it. If you have any problem, you can contact the seller to reflect. 
Maria from Australia | 6/8/2019 9:57:22 PM
CP*********CN delivered in 45 Days
Hi, I just want to ask if the package being returned to the supplier address as I checked the shipping info is very strange
Yes, your package has been returned back to the seller on June 9. You'd better contact the seller as soon as possible to ask for refund or require a re-delivery. 

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