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How to Send Parcels to Foreign Countries by China Post

With the rapid economic development and internationalization of China, more and more foreigners are flooding into China to pursue their "Chinese Dream", which has become a new trend of international migration. China, like a huge magnet, attracts foreigners of all colors to study or "look for gold" on this magic land. During your study, work and living in China, you may miss your family and send goods to your relatives and friends on the homeland. In China, the first choice for foreigners to send international parcels is China Post. Then, how to send parcels to foreign countries with the international service provided by China Post? Please refer to the following steps.


  1. Prepare the items you want to send. If it is a new dress or something like this, remove the packaging and cut off the tags first. Otherwise, the customs may consider your parcel is for resale purpose.
  2. Go to a China Post branch which can handle the international service because the international service is not available in small offices. Tell the officer about your needs and then he/she will pack your items with a suitable carton. Note: most of the officers of China Post only speak Chinese, so ask a Chinese friend to go with you for help.
  3. The officer will ask about and inspect the items to be sent. Some articles are prohibited, such as wooden items, inflammable and explosive articles, certain chemical reagents, perishable meat, dishes and so on. Put your articles in the carton and ask the officer to seal with tape.
    List of China Post Forbidden Items
    List of Articles That Are Prohibited from Entering or Leaving China
  4. The delivery duration varies with the postal methods. Of course, Air is the fastest, and you can also choose Surface or SAL. The faster category you choose, the more expensive it will be. So choose the most suitable way as per your needs. Please note that vaseline, unguent and other cream articles are prohibited in air transportation.
  5. Fill in the Dispatch Note correctly in detail. Remember that the Sender information is on the left while the Consignee is on the right. Fill the information in English. Telephone is the most important, so do not miss it either for sender or consignee.
  6. The officer will calculate the freight charge as per your parcel weight and the shipping way you choose. Note: the packing carton is also charged. Keep the receipt properly, take a photo and send to the Consignee if needed. In this way, it will be easier to receive you parcel by the Consignee.

How to Fill out the Dispatch Note

Item A to G marked are required. See "User Notes" for requirements. Also, you can consult an officer there for help or follow the template provided.

China Post Business Hours

In general, the business hours of China Post branches are 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Saturday, off on Sunday. However, it may vary with branches. To be on the safe side, you'd better go there between 9:00 and 17:00 on workdays.

China Post Customer Service

You can call the customer service hotline 11183 in China to schedule a pickup, so that a carrier of China Post can pick up your parcel at your office or home. It is really very convenient. Also, you may call 11183 to inquire about its services, track your parcel status or file complaints.

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