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List of China Post Forbidden Items

1 Firearms (including imitations and main parts) ammunition
1. Firearms (including imitations, main parts): such as pistols, rifles, submachine guns, riot guns, air guns, hunting rifle, anesthetic injection guns, airsoft guns, etc.
2. Ammunition (including imitations): such as bullets, bombs, grenades, rockets, flares, incendiary bombs, smoke (fog) bombs, signal bombs, tear gas, gas bombs, mines, grenades, artillery shells, gunpowder, etc.
2 Controlled appliances
1. Controlled knives: such as daggers, three-edged scrapers, spring knives with self-locking devices, other similar single-edged, double-edged, three-edged sharp knives, etc.
2. Others: such as crossbow, tear gas, tear gas gun, defibrillator, etc.
3 Explosive items
1. Blasting equipment: such as explosives, detonators, fuse, detonating cord, blasting agent, etc.
2. Fireworks and firecrackers: such as fireworks, firecrackers, torpedo firecrackers, and other fireworks and firecrackers and black powder, pyrotechnic powder, blasting fuse, etc.
3. Others: such as propellant, nitrocotton, electric igniter, etc.

4 Items with battery inside 
Such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, walkie talkie, toys with battery inside, etc. 
5 Magnetic items
Such as headphone, earphone, speaker, amplifier, scanner etc.
6 Compressed and liquefied gases and their containers
1. Flammable gases: such as hydrogen, methane, ethane, butane, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, ethylene, propylene, acetylene, lighters, etc.
2. Toxic gases: such as carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and chlorine.
3. Explosive or suffocating, combustion-supporting gas: such as compressed oxygen, nitrogen, helium, neon, aerosol, etc.
7 Flammable liquids
Such as gasoline, perfume, diesel, kerosene, tung oil, acetone, ether, paint, lacquer, benzene, alcohol, rosin oil, etc.
8 Flammable solids, spontaneously combustible substances, flammable and combustible materials
1. Flammable solids: such as red phosphorus, sulfur, aluminum powder, flash powder, solid alcohol, matches, activated carbon, etc.
2. Spontaneously combustible substances: such as yellow phosphorus, white phosphorus, nitrocellulose (including film), titanium powder, etc.
3. Flammable and combustible materials: such as metallic sodium, potassium, lithium, zinc powder, magnesium powder, calcium carbide (calcium carbide), sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, etc.
9 Oxidants and peroxides
Such as permanganate, perchlorate, hydrogen oxide, sodium peroxide, potassium peroxide, lead peroxide, chlorate, bromate, nitrate, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
10 Toxic substances
Such as arsenic, arsenic, mercury compounds, thallium compounds, cyanide compounds, selenium powder, phenol, mercury, highly toxic pesticides, etc.
11 Biochemical products, infectious substances
Such as germs, anthrax, parasites, excreta, medical waste, cadaver bones, animal organs, limbs, animal skins without nitration, animal bones not medicated, etc.
12 Radioactive material
Such as uranium, cobalt, radium, plutonium, etc.
13 Corrosive substances
Such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, batteries, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc.
14 Drugs and drug use tools, narcotics and psychotropic drugs for improper use, precursor chemicals for improper use
1. Drugs, narcotic drugs, and psychotropic drugs: such as opium (including poppy shells, flowers, bracts, and leaves), morphine, heroin, cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine (meth), ketamine, mecathione, amphetamine, analka, etc.
2. Precursor chemicals: such as piperonal, safrole, sassafras oil, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, hydroxyimine, o-ketone, phenylacetic acid, bromophenylacetone, acetic anhydride, toluene, acetone, etc. 
3. Drug abuse tools: such as curling.
15 Illegal publications, printed materials, audio-visual products and other promotional materials
Such as books, publications, pictures, photos, audio-visual products that contain reactionary, inciting national hatred, undermining national unity, undermining social stability, promoting cults, religious extreme ideas, obscenity, etc.
16 Special Equipment for Spy
Such as hidden eavesdropping equipment, special equipment for secretly shooting, burst transceiver, one-time password book, secret writing tools, electronic monitoring and interception equipment used to obtain intelligence, etc.
17 Illegal Forged Items
Such as counterfeit or altered currency, certificates, official seals, etc.
18 Infringement of intellectual property rights, and sham and shoddy commodities
1. Articles infringing intellectual property rights: such as books, audio-visual products that infringe patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights, etc. 
2. Sham and shoddy commodities: such as counterfeit and shoddy food, medicine, children's products, electronic products, cosmetics, textiles, etc.
19 Endangered wild animals and their products
Such as ivory, tiger bone, rhino horn and the products made with them.
20 Prohibited entry and exit items 
Foods, medicines or other items that are harmful to the health of humans and animals, come from the epidemic area and can transmit diseases; the documents, materials and other items that involve state secrets.

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