Poste restante in Urumqi

Asked by Jens | 8/2/2016 12:20:17 PM

If I want to send a bike to Urumqi and keep it there poste restante until I come to pick it up which is the address of the post office I can use ?

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Steven 8/2/2016 7:02:25 PM

In which district will you go to Urumqi?

Jens 8/2/2016 7:34:49 PM

The ditrict does not matter.

I can go by taxi to any post office which offer this service.

Sam 8/3/2016 6:14:47 PM

I could offer you a big post office in Tianshan District of Urumqi. But I'm not sure if it could offer poste restante service. You'd better call the contact number to ask.

Name: Tuanjie Road China Post Subbranch (团结路邮政支局 in Chinese)
Adress: No.993 Tuanjie Road (团结路993号)
Postal Code: 830001
Contact number: 0991-2577824

You'd better call +86 10 11185 which is the service number of China Post to ask this question. For English service, please press 8 after the call is got through.

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