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Package stuck in China not returning back


I need your help.
I bought a car stereo from a seller in your country, but I asked for a refund because it didn't work perfectly.
The seller did not collect the package sent from Italy, and the package has been blocked since November at the China International Exchange Center.
The package is number EE445816639IT, it coming from Italy, on the tracking site it appears "China International Trade Center, In process at the International Trading Center" from November 5th.
I contacted the seller, but he does not answer me anymore.
Poste Italiane cannot intervene because the package is in your office.
I tried to make a complaint to the Italian post office but they can't do anything.
It seems that the package cannot go back because it cannot travel by plane, but these items are regularly shipped from China to Italy and I don't understand what the problem is.
What can I do to get the package back?
I don't want to lose the money from the shipping and the item At least if he went back I would only waste time and the cost of shipping.
For any other information I remain at your disposal.
Thank you,

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Hi fabrizio,

It's still stuck in Shenzhen now. We are sorry that we couldn't deal with the package for you. We are only a tracking platform. If the seller doesn't cooperate to check it for you. There is no way to check it for you.

thanks for the reply, but who can i contact?
I don't want to lose all this money, the package has not been picked up and should be returned!
I just want to contact the post office where the package is located and ask for a solution.
I want my package back, because the seller hasn't picked it up and doesn't answer me so he doesn't have to refund me.
But I sent the package and if it can't come back it's a scam.
Hi Fabrizio,

You couldn't get connected with China Post fron Italy. Poste Italiane sent it for you. You need to let them to reflect the problem and they should help you find the package.
But this thing is absurd.
Poste Italiane claims that it cannot do anything because it is in your office.
You claim that Poste Italiane must contact you, and I cannot call directly myself.
The recipient is gone, because he doesn't want to pay me the refund, I guess.
In practice, I am screwed, and I will not get back a package that should return to the sender by right!

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