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Scammer from China sends unwanted parcels to European People!


I did receive today a Parcel No LO466855920CN in Germany with a scarf which I did not order from:
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin
Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000
China, Phone 8613516666666
It seems that the scammer is obviously not stopped by China Post or the Police. It is more than obvious from all the reported cases that someone is cheating people and someone at China Post should do something against it!
I will send the parcel from Germany now back to the the scammer who did send it.
Could you please help to get the email Address of the man who is located at the above address?

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Hi Walter,

If you send package to China, you need to know the recipient's phone number. Or, it will not be delivered. We couldn't know the seller's phone number.
Dear Daisy,
The phone number of the seller is noted already in my initial Message to China post > Here the number again....Phone 8613516666666.
Regards, Walter
I had the same item delivered but not ordered anything from China...
same exact information as above on the shipping label, sent to me in Pennsylvania (USA)
Is anyone being charged for this scamed stuff?
I did receive the same thing today, with the same name, address and same number. The scary thing is, I never order it. How's the sender know my information. The usps tracking #: LW205426379.
We got the same thing. Same address delivered to us and we did not order. Did anyone get charged?
I ordered 3 pair of different color and style timberland boots on blk friday.and today it said my order was here.i get there and it's a dior belt that I didnt order. Where is my boots
I have received a parcel the 17th of December by CenJiaYu
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin, Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000, China, Phone 8613516666666. I don´t have it ordered. Inside was a scarf of Burberry - I think a scam. What can I do? Sending it back? And is it the right adress? What about the return costs?
I did receive the same belt from CenJiaYu although I did not ordered.
It seems they have stolen my adress by hacking VISA account.
I have received a belt from this company instead 3 handbags i ordered costing nearly £100!!!
Please does anybody know their email address? Awww.. meant to be Christmas present for my children!!
I did receive today a Parcel in Sweden with a scarf which I did not order from:
Chen Zhijun
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in Nanjai, Foshan
Guangdong 528000
China, Phone 8613516666666
It seems from all the reported cases that Some is cheating people!
To whom do I have to report this fraud?
What shall I do with that scarf?
Thanks for your support
I received the same item (SCARF) never ordered. It is clear that this is a scam implemented by a Chinese company to which my data has been fraudulently transmitted, through my access to a different portal.
Obviously there is no answer.
From today, I will do everything possible to make as many italian people as possible not to contact or BUY ANYTHING IN CHINA.....
Exactly same as Vale for me as well. Did anyone got any money withdrawn?
I ordered boots as well and paid over $60 for them on what looked like a very good fake website that looked like a large name brand boot company. After the order was placed, the email receipt is where I could tell it was fake. I immediately tried to cancel the order and was given the run around. Due to the gift card I used, they would not stop payment. They would only left me dispute the charge after it was posted and hope for my money back. It finally arrived and was a Burberry scarf. I have emailed them and they say I have two options. I can keep scarf for a 38% refund or return it for full refund. the problem is shipping it back would cost me over $35 and then at the end I would only have less then $25 after refund and shipping cost.
I also received a Burberry scarf. Has anyone been charged for their non requested items. Who do I speak to about reporting this. On the invoice it says HKD 6,180,00 when I put that onto a currency converter app it comes up £613.
No money has left my account but I’m worried it will. I didn’t order this!
I ordered a dress for £46 and the communication from the company was good, although the package has just arrived and is a very bad imitation of a Burberry scarf. The return details on the package are the same guy at the underwear factory. I checked my bank balance and £50 was taken - not a huge deal as per exchange rate etc. but what is the risk from this guy? I thought OK he scams people with a fake website, charges then sends incorrect and worthless stuff. However, reading that some people have received goods without ordering them - what's his game?
I was scammed by them. They said they had Oroton bags at 60% off. The site looked genuine. Gave them my credit card details and then no confirmation of the purchase came. I immediately rang my bank and they had taken 2 amounts, first for the supposed bag ($86.00) and a second amount of $121.00. This happened in about 5 minutes. Bank cancelled my card immediately and lodged a dispute with seller and mastercard. 3 weeks later I get a crappy knock off Burberry scarf. I am now going through long drawn out process of getting my money back.
I am in Ohio & just received the Burberry scarf that I did not order as well. Has anyone seen a charge on their credit card? I have not had a charge on my credit card nor a with drawl from my bank account in regards to the scarf. I would send it back, but I won't pay for shipping. Suggestions?
I'm in Hungary. I ordered a woman prescription eyeglasses frame from the same company. After 5 weeks, today, a completely different man sunglasses arrived.
Chen Zhijun
First floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in nanhai
Foshan, Guangdon G 528000 China
Phone: 8613516666666
I will return the goods and claim a refund. Mr. Chen seems to have confused mess and shipping goods all over the world and is present on many websites.
I received an unsolicited parcel of a fake Burberry scarf together with a demand for HKD 6,180. The parcel arrived today, 12 February, but the 'sales memo' is dated 20 October 2019. They have my phone and address. I had ordered some shoes from Clarks which have not arrived and I see that this has been other people's experience, too. What should I do?

The sender's address is:
4th Floor
27 Jiangwan Road
Foshan City
Guangdong Province
Phone 8615622326174
I found this link on the Internet and now I know what kind of scam it is.
I didn't order socks, I don't see Berberry, your mail has received confirmation of sending my order for two pairs of Campers and the number matches the parcel in which the socks.
I have ordered some boots and clothes of total amount of 104 Euro and i received a
Burberry scarf from the following:
LIUSHUMEI / 4th Floor / 27 Jiangwan Road / Foshan City
518000 / CHINA / Phone 8615622326174.
As i read from others its a chinese company scam.
Does anyone knows how you can communicate with them and if not how we can get our money back?
My bank advised me to cancel my credit card which I did - that's the advise I can only give
Hi Alan,

Sorry, there is no email address for the man in that address. I think the phone number is also the wrong one. So, if you send it back, the delivery will be failed and it will be returned back.
Dear Daisy,
is this now honestly the excuse from CHINA POST to let this criminal(s) go on with their scams? I counted including myself already 23 People which were loosing money ging into the thousands!
Please tell me now what exactly is China Post doing now against this criminals except for writing here nice (and useless) words to to people which lost all of their faith in Chinese police and Chinese law. Do you really think that such chinese robbers are not damaging the reputation of chinese people as reliable business partners? Dear Dasiy or whatever your name is, who writes to the scammed people here, show us that Chinese Law works or simply shut up!
Today i received a parcel with a tifanny’s bracelet ínstead 2 pair of shoes. Now, reading all the comments on the post, realize that they’re profesional scammers!!
Today i received a parcel with a tifanny’s bracelet ínstead 2 pair of shoes. Now, reading all the comments on the post, realize that they’re profesional scammers!! I writte from Spain.
I live in the UK and ordered a sons of anarchy bike but recieved a Tiffany & Co. bracelet instead.
The website was and once I placed my order it became clear that it was a scam, as I sent numerous emails and heard nothing back. I have informed my bank to put a block on them incase they try to take anymore money.
How do you even report a fraudulent website??.
The sender was chan zhijun, yanbu eurodan underwear factory, nanhai, foshan, guangdong 528000.
Tel: 8613516666666
Buen día, con el comentario de que el dia de hoy recibí un paquete en Guadalajarara, Jalisco, el cual contiene una bufanda que no ordené, los datos son los mismos que han reportado muchas personas, siendo los siguentes datos:
Primer piso de Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory en South, China
Guangdong 528000
China, teléfono 8613516666666
¿A quién debo hacer con este asunto?
¿Qué debo hacer con esa bufanda?
Gracias mucho su apoyo e información, de ante mano gracias.

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