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Scammer from China sends unwanted parcels to European People!


I did receive today a Parcel No LO466855920CN in Germany with a scarf which I did not order from:
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin
Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000
China, Phone 8613516666666
It seems that the scammer is obviously not stopped by China Post or the Police. It is more than obvious from all the reported cases that someone is cheating people and someone at China Post should do something against it!
I will send the parcel from Germany now back to the the scammer who did send it.
Could you please help to get the email Address of the man who is located at the above address?

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I received a phone sticker today 3 November from the same place and I've not ordered anything its the exact name number and adresss
I too received a Kobe Bryant ring today with nothing to connect it to. I have not ordered anything outside of Amazon for many MONTHS.
I received a small chain and a ring when I ordered a shed. My charge was $109.72 against my Visa for this purchase. The value on what I received was $1.55. This does not leave with a very good feeling about purchasing anything from China in the future. This company is scamming people.
what happened with your package, did you ever get your correct merchandise or get your money back, just happened to me, and now I can't find anything, they came through Wayfair!
A pair of masks I did not order in SWEDEN today UU24787457CN The shipper was going to send me a pair of dumbbells at the address of the sender
Yangyang,room 405 fourth floor headquarters phase lll longdongbao airport namning district.
China, Phone 8619097662348

It seems that the scammer was clearly not stopped by China Post or Police. Of all the reported cases, it's clear that one of them is cheating on people and someone at China Post must do something about it!
Could you please help to get the email address of the man at the address above? Or what can I do, he cheated me out of my 490$ money, please guide me
Bloody scammers I have also received a kobe ring from yangyang room 405 fourth floor Longdongbao Airport Nanming phone 8619097662348
So pissed off with these people taking honest people's money How dare they.
How do you get compensation??
I just received a necklace from LLZHU Room 405 Fourth Floor Headquarters Phase III Longdongbao Air, Guiyang, Guizhou, Zip Code 550005. I'm at WA/USA, not in Europe actually. The phone is 8619097662348.
I didn't buy it and never heard about this place before!
I bought something related to Wayfair - seemed to be a "Sub-website", and when I checked the tracking it was Scam.
Hello I ordered a package via USPS a while ago and it says it has arrived at LA.
It has been sitting in LA for lots of days and I am unsure when it's going to move, I moved houses so I have been eagerly awaiting this package so I can stop worrying about the location. Is it ever gonna move??? Now that it's in the US it shouldn't be stuck in transit for so long? What do I do? AQ475209235CN
I received a package yangyang room 405 fourth floor phase III longdongbao airport nanming district, guiyang, guizhou 550005 china phone 8619097662348 had my full name and phone number. I never ordered anything and it sure isn't something I would want. Anyone else??
I ordered a storage building through Facebook (dumb move) using paypal and received a chain with a Coby Bryant silver colored ring that I NEVER ORDERED instead of my storage building. I too believe this is to fool paypal and the customer because they are shipping an item to the purchaser, it just happens to be a piece of crap you didn't order or want. TOTAL RIP OFF. I HOPE THESE SCUMBAGS GET CAUGHT.
I ordered a shed off of Wayfair also and just received a necklace from the same place as you. Did you ever get your shed?
I received a man's ring from LLZHU Room 405 Fourth Floor, Headquarters Phase III Longdongbao, Air quiyang guizhou 5550005 China Phone: 8619097662348!
I ordered a PatioSet that was supposed to be delivered 7-10 days I never received anything and my card was charged however today I received a necklace from LLZHU Room 405 Fourth Floor, Headquarters Phase III Longdongbao, Air quiyang guizhou 5550005 China Phone: 8619097662348!!!! WHEN WILL THESE TYPES OF SCAMS STOP AND WHY CANT WE BE REFUNDED??
Hi, I received a bracelet from LLZHU from China instead of the 5 pc outdoor furniture that I ordered.
The tracking number is LY96790225CN. I didn’t order a bracelet. Still in the unopened package.
Why won't I receive tracking information for this tracking number and it says it doesn't exist?!?

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