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Scammer from China sends unwanted parcels to European People!


I did receive today a Parcel No LO466855920CN in Germany with a scarf which I did not order from:
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin
Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000
China, Phone 8613516666666
It seems that the scammer is obviously not stopped by China Post or the Police. It is more than obvious from all the reported cases that someone is cheating people and someone at China Post should do something against it!
I will send the parcel from Germany now back to the the scammer who did send it.
Could you please help to get the email Address of the man who is located at the above address?

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I’m in Ohio & I just received the “Burberry” scarf today. I didn’t order it. The sales memo says it was ordered on 12/20/2019. What do I do with the scarf? Dont want to pay for shipping.
Ordené un afilador de cuchillos y recibí un anillo barato y de mala calidad, para no volver a comprar ni confiar de los chinos. Son unos rateros y fraudulentos
I waited 5 months and I recivied a fake golden ring.
orderd a 12 piece tool kit in start of june recived a dress ring watched a program last week about a lady geting parcels with car freshners she never orderd they youse post co your address for other things .( ie post code house number
Hi, be careful opening stuff you didn't order they have been cases of coronavirus mailed to those addresses. Please be very carefully
I recently bought some gym clothes online but instead received a cheap knock off pair of sunglasses from Shishai, no 2 Jinxiu road daliang foshan Guangdong. I paid $100aud for it, and pretty annoyed that after waiting a month for it to arrive I get this crap. No reply from sender either, and was looking forward to getting my new gym gear.
I ordered a bassinet for cheap on the website as usually they’re really expensive In store. It didn’t arrive so I kept harassing them over it via email. Eventually something did arrive but not a bassinet, a “fastening strap” for something
I ordered Under Armour in a factory sale and paid around £50. This was 4 weeks ago, today 2 pairs of fake Gucci socks arrive? Same scammer
Shishai from 2 Jinxiu Road Daliang Foshan.
China PHONE 8615622326174.

Very disappointed this guy seems to be doing this for a while
Hi. Got scammed by exactly the same guy as above. Ordered adidas gazelle for £45 plus £10 delivery. After a 4 week wait i received a shitty Hermes scarf with the value of 15 usd's. Feel like this should be stopped by the chinese authorities but i guess I'll just have to live and learn!!
Hi. I also got a Burberry Scarf that I didn’t order always from China, value HDK 6180 . I ordered 4 weeks ago 4 bikes in a cheap website and I think they might have stolen our information.
It has to stop!!!
I have been robbed by a scammer in China who needs to be stopped. I can’t understand how Chinese authorities let this man continuously rob people globally.
I just received a scarf that I did NOT order. the sender is shishai
No,2 Jinxiu Rd
Daliang, Foshan, GuangDong
18000 China PHONE 8615622326174
NO RECEIPT or proof of payment although it says scarf 15.00 STOP these low lifes
Yes they did it to me too - ordered a dress, got the fake Burberry scarf. No response from their helpdesk
Scammed by person in China, how do we stop them. Shishai, 2 Jixiu Road, Dailang.
Ordered a baby high chair and got a tin ring. My question is these adverts are coming up on face book why is facebook not taking them down.
Just received a pathetic looking ring from Yangyang in China I can only relate this to a recent purchase I made of a beach cart with umbrella that still has not arrived. I take it this is the replacement for it, a ladies ring. biggest piece of crap I have ever seen in my life life. If it wasn’t that bad at least the wife or the daughters could wear it but it only fit for the bin. If they did try and wear it it would probably cut them it’s that poor.
The dodgy company that I ordered the kart off is eileenmc. C o m Avoid them like the plague or COVID-19 I found them on Facebook marketplace
I get a Parcel from China a scarf i didn`t order.
The Price is 6180 HKD
I ordered a Sunglasses. i payed USD 40.26
What can i do?
Thank you for a message back.
Peter Schaller
Yes it is finest scam..... just for fun i ordered an e-scooter from a good made homepage with customerlogin, etc.....
after one week, i asked about shipping details "status=already shipped" shipping number seems to be ok.... got a fake golden ring instead of the e-scooter. the nice chinese guy or girl sends some scrap metal just for generating a parcel tracking number to calm the customer and get more time.... the sender details are: FROM: zhangjing, No. 75 Yuxi Lane, Guiyang, Guizhou 550007 Phone: 86118059159555
fore sure a fake sender, but anyone horny to travel to this adress in china and beat them up? :-D
Hi, I received a parcel today from Lijun 75 yuxi lane Guiyang Guizhou 550007 Phone 8618059159555 and I never ordered any parcel, the parcel contained a stainless steel spoon, fork and chopsticks and I would never order anything like that, my name, address and phone number were on it, is this a brushing scam which I read about and how do they get my details, it had a value of 9.92 on the parcel but nothing has been taken from my account. What do I do about it or I just do nothing. Thank you.
Husband ordered clothes from site that was an Under Armour Clothing Factory Outlet. He orders T-shirts and Shoes and they charged our bank account but we haven't received the goods ordered. We did receive a cheap plastic pair of imitation Oakley sunglasses that are only fit for the garbage. Sender was Shishai No 2 Jinxiu Road Daliang. Foshan Guangdong 518000 CHINA PHONE:8615622326174
yesterday a pair of Gucci socks arrived to my house, no one ordered them, and no one was expecting for that to happen, the weird and scary thing is that it has all of my personal information (like full name, address, and phone number) and some weeks ago I got a charge to my credit card, even when I didn't buy anything that day, I fear that I bought in a store that sold my personal data to others
i forgot to mention that I arrived here because of the address that sent it, it says: Shishai No.2 Jinxiu Road, Daliang, Foshan, GuangDong, 518000, China. PHONE: 8615622326174
Hi. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes, paid $ 90, got glasses :(
I just read that I was ripped off. What to do? Is it worth going to the police in your country? For the first time in my life I was deceived by buying online: (( I'm from Poland.
Why is nobody doing anything about it? It has been going on for a long time! Someone is robbing us with impunity! What address did you send the goods to? Have any of you got your money back? Please help!!
I have had exactly the same experience as Bronwyn explains below. Ordered the Oroton bag from Shishai Shunde 02 in Guangdong China for $60, was immediately charged twice ($78, $86) and today received a knockoff pair of Ray Ban sun glasses. Since this criminal company has my cc details, I had no choice but to cancel it. If the price seems to good to be true...
Hi! If you paid for your purchases with a credit card, you must first call your bank and block the card. The bank will send you a new one. As the site is not secured, your data has been stolen and the scammer can withdraw money from your account without your confirmation! Block the card as soon as possible!
I repeat the question: did any of you send back the ordered product and receive a refund from the fraudster?
Received a poor quality ring in chiffy bag with the tracking no for my two sunloungers,have tried PayPal for a refund they are not interested as my complaint was I never received my goods but tracker says it was delivered.
I ordered an office chair from a link on instagram, only to receive a piece of fabric. I contacted the seller, but they would not offer a 100% refund and finally I received a full refund via Pay Pal once I received the tracking number, which matched matched the envelope I got from China. Clever scam to deceive PayPal, but hopefully they are now on the case.
Good came from: Lijun. No 75 Yuxi Lane. Guiyang. Giuzhou 550007. Clear Scam!

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