Scammer from China sends unwanted parcels to European People!

Asked by Walter | 12/3/2019 3:38:18 PM

I did receive today a Parcel No LO466855920CN in Germany with a scarf which I did not order from:
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin
Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000
China, Phone 8613516666666
It seems that the scammer is obviously not stopped by China Post or the Police. It is more than obvious from all the reported cases that someone is cheating people and someone at China Post should do something against it!
I will send the parcel from Germany now back to the the scammer who did send it.
Could you please help to get the email Address of the man who is located at the above address?

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EH 10/14/2020 4:36:51 AM

Today 14th October 2020 I received an inflatable pillow from YangYang, Room 405, Fourth floor headquarters Phase III longdongbao Airport Nanming District, China
Phone 8618559826621
I have no idea about this and I have never ordered this at all. However, I had placed an other for a table from a facebook advert but from Yunhan Industrial Co., Ltd. So I am not sure if it is this company trying to fool paypal to show as if they have delivered something when in fact they sent rubbish OR is this just a scam?

can anyone please tell me what do these scammers earn by sending free stuff to people? is there any reason?

Daisy 10/14/2020 9:15:22 PM

Hi EH,

Are you charged?

Nikoli1803 10/23/2020 2:20:57 PM

Received a fake pair of socks instead of 3 pairs of trainers that I ordered of a website! Absolute joke!

Marjorie 11/5/2020 6:41:40 AM

I did not order sunglasses from Yangyang no.5 juxi road nanming district guiyang city, guizhou 550001. Tel 18702003007. The Tracking number is LZ259719225CN.
The price is $39.9 but none of my credit cards have been debited and a stop has been placed on them.

Washington state 11/9/2020 10:36:07 AM

I put an order in with Denny apparel at the beginning of October for a Lego toy item. Was charged a different amount, (only a couple dollars). A month later, still have not received the Legos, but received an unsolicited parcel of a fake Burberry scarf together with a demand for HKD 6,180. The parcel arrived today (11/7/20), but the 'sales memo' is dated 20 October 2019. I see that this has been other people's experience, too. I contacted my bank to reverse the charges and to monitor for future fraudulent charges.

ian hartley 11/13/2020 7:21:48 PM

I have received an unordered item from yangyang no.5 yuxi road. this is obviously part of a scam on Facebook. I am waiting for a dehydrator but it hasn't arrived. Paypal is investigating.

Fatima 11/17/2020 4:08:49 AM

It's more than 5 months this parcel is stuck in china CP409404989CN , please tell me how much time is needed for this delivery?

FU 12/14/2020 12:45:43 PM

Received a ring with pice tag $128.00 1.6g now where are my packages?

H 12/15/2020 8:33:49 PM

I ordered a few pair of shoes costing me hundreds and received a bloody pair of glasses what the hell is this rubbish !!!

LAURA from Italy 12/29/2020 5:06:13 AM

I ordered some items (coat, bag, trousers) for 158€ two months ago on a website that i beleaved was Liu Jo, obviously it wasn't and the items were never delivered to me; instead I received a fake pair of glasses.
They say that if I would like a full refund I should return the glasses and pay the return-shipping fee by myself, but they did't say where deliver to!!
Otherwise they recommend to keep the item and get back 45% of refund.
I read that maybe to someone else has been occured the same situation.
Please could you tell me which better way I have to run in order to get my money??

LAURA from Italy 12/29/2020 5:20:45 AM

I forgot, below the details, of these such as scammers, printed on the package!
PHONE NR. 861802765000
If some chineese autority would check the legal existence of this factory, please.
Thank you.

Ασημάκης 1/15/2021 4:49:33 AM

I ordered a car tent and I ve got teeth whitening strips. They are crooks and thieves

TimKeates 1/26/2021 9:06:01 AM

I ordered a Pair of Ecco Golf Shoes size EU 44 online via Facebook and paid £30+ GBP but received and unwanted pair of Sunglasses worth less than half of that. Is there anything that can be done. The sender is shown as GMAODOUZ No 7 Shanhe Hengxiang, Jingxi, Village,meihuayan baiyunqu, GZ, GD528000 CHINA.

Anne-Catherine 2/2/2021 8:45:58 AM

I ordered lego technic and received a pair of fake rayban glasses. Expeditor : AN GANG 8 XINSHENG NORTH ROAD, PINGBEI, FOSHAN, GUANGDONG, 528000 CHINA PHONE NR. 861802765000 Luckily bank authorities decided to block the money transfer as the sender had already been reported as fraudulous. I could block my credit card on time. But they are insisting that I have to pay which I am not willing to do, I was actually considering reporting the case to the police (not sure they can do anything about it).

Copsey 2/4/2021 10:46:14 AM

I have also received a poor quality fake ray ban sun glasses. Very poor quality. How can these people keep doing this. I had ordered from a facebook advert Trainers at more than double the price they quoted on the package fro these fakes, which aren't even worth the £15 they say. Obviously the Chinese police don't care.

Randall 2/23/2021 10:33:00 AM

stop sending me your junk NOW
have my attorney on your ASS

Silva 3/8/2021 8:48:51 PM

I just received a parcel containing a plastic red funnel on a stand. The parcel contents labelled as "Snow remover T" delivered in Australia. Where do you find snow here?
From: yangyan no.5 yuxi road namnimg district guiyang city guiyang guizhou GuiYangShi GUIZHOU 550001 , CHINA, GUIYANGSHI, GUIXHOUSHENG 550001 CHINA Phone 18702003007.
I have no idea who they are. I am unable to find out if I have been charged as they have my correct particulars. Anybody knows who they are about. I presume it is a scam???

gici 3/17/2021 10:12:41 AM

I have also received a poor quality fake and ugly ray ban sun glasses. Very poor quality. I had ordered from facebook a North Face Parka USD75.59 and the price they quoted on the package was USD15, I am so angry, How to stop this online stop and so many people cheated by them
This fake online company trying to send other cheap thing to client so that they can show to Credit card that they have delivered something when in fact they sent rubbish to us. This is a scam and we can't ask our money back. And they are continue to scam people , how can we stop it?

No.7 Shanhe Hengxiang Jingxi Village,
baiyunqu, GZ, GD 528000

Nita 3/31/2021 4:11:50 PM

What the Hell? How long will these people get away with this? Scam!!!

Benjamin mendoza 4/6/2021 2:09:18 PM

Ich warte seit 21 Wochen und glaubte an Zufall.
Jetzt der zweiter Versuch war UR021343244DE und WI002853876051FPL. Auch angeblich bei mir in der Stadt, aber nicht bei mir.
Keiner HIER im Fragebereich bekam etwas.
Wer würde bei einem Betrug mit anzeige machen? Mir reicht eine bestellbestätigung und eine Aussage, um die Klage einzureichen!

Oder hatte jemand Erfolg?

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