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Scammer from China sends unwanted parcels to European People!


I did receive today a Parcel No LO466855920CN in Germany with a scarf which I did not order from:
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin
Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000
China, Phone 8613516666666
It seems that the scammer is obviously not stopped by China Post or the Police. It is more than obvious from all the reported cases that someone is cheating people and someone at China Post should do something against it!
I will send the parcel from Germany now back to the the scammer who did send it.
Could you please help to get the email Address of the man who is located at the above address?

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I bought a fitness item at half the price anywhere else from a website. No way to contact them other than contact forms but if they don't answer your are stuck. tracing enquiries meld me to Tokyo address which didn't exist probably and then I received a fake Cartier bracelet worth nothing at all. I know see other similar sites. The name and address on the china packaging is exactly the same as above comments by Becky. this guy is a pure thief and fraudster and should be stopped by the Chinese authorities. I used my bank card so I am more worried about him having my details.
Company of thieves and scammers, I ordered some shoes and I got some socks I hope they discover them soon and give us our money back and go to jail.
I have received a parcel the 5th of April by CenJiaYu
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin, Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000, China, Phone 8613516666666. I don´t have it ordered. Inside was a hat of Burberry - I think a scam. What can I do? Sending it back? And is it the right adress? What about the return costs?
I have received a parcel the 1 th of march by CenJiaYu
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin, Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000, China, Phone 8613516666666. I don´t have it ordered. Inside was a hat of Burberry - I think a scam. What can I do? Sending it back? And is it the right adress? What about the return costs?
Hi ulfat,

You'd better not return it back. The phone number is not right. If you return it back, it couldn't be delivered and will be returned back to you again. You will afford the shipping cost.
hi i got scammed too yall
from australia they send me a balenciaga hat
i guess ill just have fun with it bc i cant do anything about it
i was so excited for my bag tho....
also it was from the website thefashionwarrior PLEASE BEWARE OF IT
I just got a Balenciaga Hat- Thought it was a knockoff at first but looked up the real thing and it looks like a 4.50$ hat yet Nieman Marcus sells it for 450.00. My only request is let me pick my next free item.. haha
I have got the F. scarf as well, I thought it was my ordered parcel but surprisingly it was a fake scarf.
do they spreading corona-virus by them?
I am in the United States and received the same thing. Did not order it. The statement date is from October of 2019. I didn't give them any card number either.
My husband ordered boots on February 29th and today we received a burberry scarf from China. Same address as complaints listed above First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin, Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000, China, Phone 8613516666666 and merchandise was valued at $6,180.00. His account did get charged a couple dollars more than the $36.00 he thought he was paying for boots (the exchange rate) but luckily we closed the account down since that order was charged.
order number: LO959488000
Sender: Chen Zhijun First floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory
CHINA PHONE:8613516666666
Freud!!! Scam!!!
I ordered Dr Martens boots from a site called
seems exactly the official Dr Martens site and it poped up in a facebook ad. 70-80% off price of course i bought them. soon i realised its a fake martens site. but not only fake Mr Chen was so nice and lovely ,sent me 4 pairs of fake burberry socks..
How can we or someone stop this scammer? should i cancel my credit card?
I placed an order with this Chen Zhijun First floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear factory in Nanhal Foshan Guanadon G 528000 China Phone 8613516666666 They claimed online to be Pandora. They sent wrong order and will not send a return label. They claim the cost is too high and that the wrong order needs to be sent back at my cost even though they evidently do this for a living.
I guess the same thing happened to me. After waiting 3 months for a backpack that costed me 62€ (which is expensive to me), I received a tiffany's necklace today. At first, I thought the postal service had made a mistake, switching my order with someone else's. But looking at all this comments, I was obviously scammed.
You guys are scammers you guys were to supposed to send a excavator instead I received a cheap beaded bracket, 119.00 U.S dollars I want what I ordered if not will call police
Hi Dale wrixon,

You need to contact the seller to ask for refund.
I ordered $99.00 worth of toys from what I thought was a legit company and they sent me a purple hat. Package was labeled "car building toy". Now I feel like an idiot.
I have just received Burberry socks from the same place. Not ordered anything like this at all!
I'm in EUA, and today receive a low quality set of spoon and fork for kids, of the same company, First floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in nanhai, Foshan, Guangdon G 528000 China, Phone: 8613516666666.
I review my banks and PayPal accounts and nothing was charged this year. Be careful
I just had a similar situation. I got sent a pair of armbands from yangyang no.5 yuxi road nanmig district guiyang city
guiyang guizhou GuiYangShi GUIZHOU 550001 CHINA, Guiyang, guizhou 550001
I did not order these and have been unable to contact anyone or check if money have been taken from my account yet?!
Hi I'm in the UK and it's happened to me. I thought I had ordered lol surprise dolls but have received fake Raybans from xionqiao,dong Chen,Dongguan,GD,phone:8616522326174.
I'm so sad the website had the secure padlock and looked legit. It was
Absolutely disgusted and feel conned.
I am in New Zealand,I ordered 2x pr of well known brand of golf shoes from what looked like a reputable shoe site and received a pair of sunglasses (well known ,knock off pair),Senders address shinshai,No 2 Jinxiu Road,Dailiang,Foshan,GuangDong51800 tel 8615622326174 I paid $195.00 us dollars for this pathetic scam and I want Chinese authorities to investigate fully and clean up this cesspool of deceit
Ordered air fryer. Recieved a cheap ring. Live and learn.
I’ve just received a parcel from yang yang in China. A gold diamond ring (obviously fake). But no idea where from but has all my info on it. What do I do??
I received unordered RayBan sunglasses from this address :
Lihua Zhang
27 jiangwan first road, chancheng district,
FoShahshi Guangdong 528251
Looks like a scam to me
Was scammed by company called “beautypick” who turned out to be one of many selling identical Nordic blue dinner services at Knick down prices. I’m normally pretty careful, but on this occasion - well, I wasn’t! PayPal were amazing - money has been refunded. However, last week the most hideous piece of jewellery was delivered to me from 75 yuxi Lane, guiyang, guizhou, 550007, China. No money has been taken, I’ve not ordered anything from anywhere else so can only connect this with “beautypick”. I looked up the address - it’s associated with scams/brushing. Lesson to me to be careful what I order and from where!
Scam alert ordered coffee machine may 2nd receive copper ring tracking no LX158456701CN total scam I ordered from studiocle company also guangle technical Ltd com which does. Not sell coffee machines I'm trying to find out more on yangyang yuxi Road guiyangshi guiyangshi guizhou 550001 china
8/3 receive a package of what seems to be seeds. Obviously that was never ordered from the same address as he received the scarf from today. So be careful. They are back at it again
Jiujiuyuan Tobacco & Alcohol Firm of Xiling District, Yichang City
I ordered a swinging Hanging chair and received a brass ring last week !!!
I think they provide a tracking number so that they scam paypal into believing item has been despatched and delivered . I hope paypal dont believe them
Absolute bunch of scamming bastards! I waited 4 months for a garden parasol only to be sent a fake gold ring!

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