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exactly what number do I call from USA to speak with China Post to find out where my package is? UH014819118US

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Hi Don,

It's on the way back to you now. You can try to call China Post service number +86 10 11185 (then 8 for English service)to contact them.

Tracking information available:
2019-02-03 09:57 Departure "Post Shenzhen Pinghu branch", Next stop "Shenzhen Center"
2019-02-03 09:28 "Postal Shenzhen Pinghu Branch" received
2019-02-03 09:28 Return
2019-01-03 14:29 Arrive at "Shenzhen Center"
Please i need help about my shipment is ordered some time ago and still i gont have any info , should arive to Thailand . Tracking numbers LA974713604CN can you check me please what heapen.
Thank you in advance .
Best regards.
Hi Dragoslav,

There is no tracking information for it. Possible reasons:
1. The sender just gave you a tracking number but hasn't shipped it.
2. It's just sent and need two or three days to have tracking information.
3. China Post doesn't provide tracking service for this kind of package.
4. Only the seller could track it in seller's platform.

You'd better contact the seller to confirm for the reason.
I need to know the contacts of the person who will deliver my parcel. I also want to know when they'll be delivered.
rv313558935cn and rv312930908cn

Hi Photo lenga,

rv313558935cn left China on Feb. 7 and is in transit to Zambia now.
rv312930908cn left China on Jan. 10 and is in transit to Zambia now.

Zambia Post will deliver them to you when they are in Zambia.
I have a scooter i bought for 219.05 . It was shipped to a different address in st martins quebec. I live in toronto ontario 39 harcourt ave # 101 m4k 1m3 i still want my scooter pleade get back to me my name is lise hogan
I still want my scooter please ship to 39 harcourt ave # 101 m4k 1m3 . It went to the wrong address . Please ship to my correct address . I got paypal on it also . I contacted canada post they stated it was sent to st martins quebec . I really need my
Hi Currie 56,

You need to contact the seller to confirm if he filled the right address on the lable of the box.
Its been quite long since my post has left overseas whats happening?
Is chinapost air mail or ship mail?
Hi Tayyab,

Your package was delivered to air transport on March 17 and takes about 7-15 days to leave China. It's in transit to UK now. You can not know the exact situation when it's in the middle locations. It usually takes about 20-40 days (after it left China) to reach and there will be further update when it arrives.

Number: LO922158725CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2020-03-17 23:36, Shenzhen, delivered to air transport
2020-03-17 12:00, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Exchange Bureau has been exported directly sealed
2020-03-17 06:36, Shenzhen, arriving at Shenzhen Swap Bureau (via transfer)
2020-03-17 05:26, Dongguan City, leaving the "Dongguan Express Processing Center", the next stop , Shenzhen Interchange Bureau
2020-03-16 19:10, Dongguan City, arriving at The Dongguan Express Processing Center
2020-03-16 19:08, Dongguan City, leaving the "Dongguan Mayor An Business Department Usha", the next stop "Dongguan Express Processing Center"
2020-03-16 17:34, Dongguan City, "Dongguan Mayor An Business Department Usha" has received
Hello. Im from Viet Nam. My package Was sent from China on 11st March, 2020 but until now (11st April, 2020) when I tracked, its still in China Post and it hasnt move any further. Please help me to check and reply me asap. Its urgent for us. My tracking code is EV922598965CN
Hi Huyen Trang,

It didn't pass the check on March 16 and returned back to be checked again. It was delivered to air transport on April 9 and will leave China recently.

Number: EV922598965CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Vietnam
2020-04-09 20:09, Beijing, delivered to air transport
2020-03-18 03:54, Beijing, leaving the Beijing International Tianyi Processing Center, the next stop , Beijing International Mail Exchange Station (via transfer)
2020-03-17 19:44, Beijing, Beijing International Tianyi Processing Center has been exported directly sealed
2020-03-17 19:44, Beijing, Beijing International Tianyi Processing Center return, note: security return
2020-03-16 20:56, Beijing, Beijing International Mail Exchange Station Returned
2020-03-16 05:02, Beijing, delivered to air transport
2020-03-15 17:29, Beijing, Beijing International Tianyi Processing Center has been exported directly sealed
2020-03-14 02:12, Beijing, arriving at Beijing Terminal (via transfer)
2020-03-13 11:12, Zhengzhou City, leaving Zhengzhou International Processing Center, the next stop , Beijing Terminal
2020-03-11 21:06, Zhengzhou City, arriving at Zhengzhou International Processing Center
2020-03-11 19:41, Zhengzhou City, leaving the International Express Five Division Of The T-in, the next stop , Zhengzhou International Processing Center
2020-03-11 19:39, Zhengzhou City, "International Express Five Division of the Touted Department" has received
How do I contact china postal service to speak with someone in English...I've literally added international callin on my phone to call these people and there is no english prompt
RV365217296CN what do I have to do to see what's happening with this package? Tracking says it's still in China but since 17.03 and up to today there are no changes.
Hi CipV,

It's still stuck in China now. Due to the coronavirus, packages are processed slowly and there is few flight to Romania. Please wait for more days to get update. If you couldn't receive it within the promised time, contact the seller to give you a solution in time.
Why has my parcel not moved since the 16th of April. It was supposed to be delivered on the 2nd of May. It still says it is at the distribution centre. This is a joke!!!!!! Bpost still tell me China Post are sortingabroad. It does not take that long as I work on Cargo aircraft!!!!!!
Hello, I have these 3 orders out of the exchange office for 2 months from Guangzhou, delivered to air transport, I wanted to know what happens to them
I’ve been waiting on a package since April 6, the smart watch and it’s showing that it hasn’t even left China yet, I just want to know the status of my watch? Tracking number LY127486059CN, thanks.
Can you please help me, a package was dispatched on 10/Feb/2020 and has since, my tracking number is now showing expires. I understand there is a delay due to covid19.
My tracking number is RV339804792CN
Kind regards
I have been waiting for my order to arrive to Tanzania for the past 2 months from Shein,
Can you please let me know where my order is and how long it will take to reach me my tracking number is RV355026941CN.

Please please help!
Not sure if this is the right website to contact China post on, 17 track says I need to talk to China post directly, for some reason they removed China outbound, from the tracking, LH717862176CN not sure what's happening with that parcel, if planes were not allowed in or out during march it's possible it was never approved for airline departure, if it's not the right website could you link the correct website I should be contacting, with a English feature so I can find where I can email China post last tracking update was dated 15th of march, China outbound disappeared from the tracking over the weekend so I'm not sure what's gone wrong
Hi Rachel,

It's hard for you to contact China Post directly if you are in Australia now. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and let the seller contact China Post in China (call 11183).

LA981704903CN I need help with the parcel pls it’s been in transit for 42 days now tracking seems to not be updated
Hi i Still wait my goods 80 days passed
My tracking number is: RV355803186CN
Hi i Still wait my goods 80 days passed
My tracking number is: RV355803186CN
Hi i didnt recive my order 80 days passed
My tracking number is :RV355803186CN
Hi thank you for answering my email earlier haven’t had any luck with the person that I brought my shoes off Can you please tel me how long it will take to leave China?? Cheers my Tracking number is LX131139719CN
Hi, my supplier said that the package was already delivered, but I haven't received it. I wanted to check if the package was really sent, or of it got the wrong details (ie, name and address). Are you able to confirm please?
Tracking Number - BZ042485988CN
Thank you!
Hi Evelyn,

We couldn't find any tracking information for BZ042485988CN, is it sent by China Post?
I have been waiting for this package since April and it has been saying that it is in Los Angeles waiting for FedEx pickup but Fedex says they have no pick up info. Here is my tracking number. Please help me!!! GCXUF3819233112YQ

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