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exactly what number do I call from USA to speak with China Post to find out where my package is? UH014819118US

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I put my order in about a month ago and still haven’t received it nor have I gotten an update since December 19. Please contact me and update me with where it’s at.
Estoy esperando un pedido de China y pone que ya ha sido entregado pero yo no he recibido nada el número de siniestro es el siguiente por favor envíenme todos los datos que tengan AS742889198CN
Call China Post
25 Dec 2021
Arrival at the Destination CHINA POST
Is my package stuck in transit?
Is my package stuck in customs?
greece code packsge LY938529865CN
Call China Post
25 Dec 2021
Arrival at the Destination
Is my package stuck in transit?
Is my package stuck in customs?
greece code packsge LY938529865CN
Dear all good day.
I have order a parcel from China with tracking number:AS757294941CN.
I checked in your tracking system and says "successfully delivered on 12 January 2022"but I haven't received anything.
Please advise me regarding this matter and provide me with the local courier company used in Greece in order to contact them.
Thank you.
Hi my order I’d with china post is LV368520020CN. I bought the item trough SaRa Mart app In the tracking details it says item is held municipality custom centre since 13 th Dec for inspection. How long it take to do custom inspection and how can contact with them to get update when i am supposed to receive my item. Could you please update me on this. Thanks
My package was delivered to wrong address or stolen I'm having a very difficult time trying to find out when
and where it was delivered
I spoke with someone at USPS an they’re saying that they haven’t received any updates.
the representative I spoke said you guys would have to contact China post office submitting a claim in order to resolve the issue tracking number: CY003820438CN
I’m trying to track a package with China post tracking number CY004412599CN. Can you confirm if this package received a different tracking number upon arrival into the USA?
Hello, I’m trying to see what happened to my package it said it was delivered this morning and wasn’t. I called the number you said and when I Pushed 8 it hung up.
I ordered two pairs of shoes (order number: 1JX-mm-16338vk3809) and I received a scarf. I’m sure there was a mistake with the delivery because I ordered the right thing. What is the way to solve this?
Thank you
My package with tracking number LY954763694CN has not had a tracking update on USPS in over a month. The last update was on December 15. I need an update as to where my package is. Thanks so much
Hello, here is tracking number AS134830923CN. Today I didn't receive the tv after it says successful delivery. Can you help me please? I don't know what the going on and I waited for 8 days and nothing receive.
I’m from the USA in Pennsylvania my package has not moved from the same spot since January 24th I wanted to know what’s taking so long
Tracking number :
My order is showing delivered but I haven’t received it I want to know where it is or the post office it is . It’s being over a month. My tracking number is AQ847320888CN
My package says delivered but I did not receive it.. #AQ847736815CN
My package says delivered but I did not receive it.. #AQ847736815CN
My package says delivered but I did not receive it.. AQ847658724CN
I have to return a package to China is the following address correct.
wangjian 0577-85850551
China zhe jiang sheng wen zhou shi long wan qu NO.468 binhai 15 rd
CN 325000 wen zhou shi zhe jiang sheng
Hello, I ordered a package through Lixeeez a month ago, but my package is constantly circulating somewhere in China, so I wonder why? constantly coming back to beijing, is there any problem, address or what?
.broj posiljke je RV594940754CN
This package is saying it was delivered. But the package was never delivered. Can you tell me when I will expect it?
Is my package lost?? I'm worried
RV584751685CN RV584751685CN
My parcel EE055997665MY delivered from Malaysia has been stuck at the China custom for inspection from 25 Feb and has no updates since then. It has been almost a month and recipient did not receive any phone calls/ messages. Please help.
Hello, the tracking code of several orders I placed to Uruguay have expired and the seller is asking me to wait. But I wanted to know if they are really still in progress, could you help me?
One of the codes I am waiting for is the following: RV586464276CN
Need 2 figure out y my package address change tracking number LY949844554CN PLEASE GET BACK WIT ME IT HAS BEEN DELIVERED 2 D WRONG PLACE N STATE
Hey Fraud people! Where’s my package ? I’ve been tracking it everyday and all of a sudden today I see 100 updates about tracking and it shows delivered
Hi I’m trying to track my order but it keeps say not found, it supposedly shipped 03/10/2022. Please help package no. # AG842022998CN
Hiya I ordered a parcel from Amazon which apparently is being sent by china post, I have had no tracking information updates and it’s been a month, I really would like to know where it is my tracking number I have is LZ953265409CN
hi, i got an email saying there was an error with delivery but i’m unsure on what went wrong. could you check what went wrong?
order number: LV437054833CN

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