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My parcels are lost, aren't they? No tracking information in over 3 weeks



Please check for me - what does 送交承运商 mean, exactly? Does it mean that the package was given to Koreapost? Is the package still in China? Or has it left China? Please help me. I was given previous advice to call China post. I did call them, but I was told that I had to call a different number. That number didn't work.

I don't whether to file a claim with the Royal Mail for a missing package or to wait.

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Hi Henna,

It's in transit to South Korea now. I suggest you wait for another 15-20 days to see if it could be delivered.
LZ735297566CN Order tracking number

Hi I have been waiting nearly 2 months for a package to be delivered to uk, the tracking info has not been updated in over 30 days and I am starting to get really impatient with it. Can you please tell me where my parcel is and how long it will be before I am to expect it
Hi Jp wright,

It's sent by e-packet. e-packet is slow at present. It usually takes about 30-60 days to reach UK after it was handed over to the carrier transport. There will be update when it arrives. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

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Sophia Roy
Hi!! I have been checking where is my parcel but I don’t see any update, this is the tracking number AQ935785357CN I just want to know where is it and when I am going to receive it. Thank you
Dear Sir/Madam
our parcel bearing tracking No: CY008785066CN is stuck in china for more than 8 weeks while a partial delivery of 2 item among there is completed
kindly help to solve this matter ASAP.
qlight qatar
can you please provide information about the parcel under the number LV756894604CN. the information about it has not been updated more than month

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