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What Are the Compensation Standards for Lost Packages During the International Shipping and Delivery?

During the international shipping and delivery, packages may be lost due to the long transportation distance and multiple times of transit. Then, who should you seek for compensation in the event of lost items/parcels, and what are the compensation standards?

Different international logistics/courier companies have different compensation standards for different types of goods. If you are the sender/vendor, you can go straight to make a claim against the logistics/courier companies. If you are the buyer, you need to contact the seller/vendor to make a claim.

International EMS

1. In the event of any loss or damage of the insured mails and parcels, the compensation should be made based on the insured amount. In case of partial damage or loss, compensation should be made in proportion to the insured amount, but up to the maximum insured amount, and the collected fees and charges (excluding other costs, the same below) will be refunded.

2. In the event of any loss or damage of the uninsured mails and parcels, the compensation shall be subject to the actual loss, up to the maximum rates that have been collected and charged, and the collected rates shall be refunded at the same time.

3. For mails and parcels that have been confirmed to be delayed due to EMS service, the compensation standard for each item is 50% of the collected rate/charge.

China Post Small Packet

China Post international small packet delivery business can be divided into international registered small packet and international ordinary small packet plus. For international registered small packet delivery service provided by China Post, there is a specific compensation standard: the compensation should be made based on the maximum limit of the declared value of the goods, say USD 100. For international ordinary small packet plus service of China Post, there is no compensation in the event of missing, loss or damage of the ordinary small packets.


1.    Compensation standard for lost items within the post office: 3 times the postage charge of the mail or parcel. That is to say, if the weight of the item is less than 50g and the freight is CNY 6 per piece, the compensation should be CNY6/piece*3=CNY18; and if the weight is more than 50g, the compensation shall be subject to the declared weight in the list: X*CNY 120 /kg*3 piece. X: represents the weight of this mail packet or item in kg.

2.    The post office has dispatched/sent the packet/item: if the post office has dispatched and sent the packet/item and the information can be checked and traced online, there should be no compensation for the loss, damage, delay, customs detention of the items, or confiscation of infringing goods during transportation.

DHL International Parcel Delivery

Loss of Goods/Parcels: If the goods or parcels go missing, the freight will be exempt, and the claim for compensation can be lodged based on the declared value of the goods up to the maximum of USD $100. In the event of the loss of a document, the freight for this delivery will be waived, and the amount for compensation will be small. Claim for compensation can be lodged based on the declared value up to a maximum of USD $20.

Compensation for Damaged Parcels: In the event that the delivered goods are damaged, compensation can be claimed in accordance with the extent of damage, and the maximum amount of compensation is up to USD 100.

Compensation Time Limit: In the event of damaged goods, the claim for compensation should be lodged against/to a DHL office within 30 days upon the receipt of the parcels delivered by the courier agency, and a claim form in writing should be submitted.

Note: DHL will not compensate for the loss of any contraband and prohibited items.

FedEx International Parcel Delivery

Compensation Standard: In the event of loss of ordinary items, the maximum compensation amount is 100 US dollars, and the freight will be waived. For valuable items such as artworks, antiques, wrist watches, precious metals, fur products, the maximum amount of compensation for each shipping bill of the declared value is up to USD 1,000, or the claim should be based on the standard compensation rate of USD 20 per kilogram, subject to whichever is higher.

Compensation Time Limit: In the event of damage or loss, a claim for compensation shall be submitted to FedEx within 21 natural days of delivery. In case of non-delivery, a claim for compensation shall be filed within 9 months after FedEx receives and takes over the goods.

Note: For goods exceeding the amount of USD 500, a claim shall be filed with FedEx in writing within the specified time limit.

UPS International Parcel Delivery

Compensation Standard: In the event of any loss or damage of parcels, compensation should be made based on the declared value of the items. The maximum compensation amount is USD 100, and the freight will be refunded.

Compensation Time Limit: In the event of damage of goods, a claim for compensation shall be filed within 14 days upon the receipt of the goods. If the delivery of goods is delayed, the claim shall be filed within 21 days upon delivery.

Note: No compensation shall be made for lost packages caused by force majeure factors such as natural disasters and wars.

Questions and Answers

Carrier received parcel on jan 19 then no more updates

My parcel tracking number is EE445415304IT and is supposed to be sent from Italy to Macau. It was diverted to Beijing and “Carrier received it” on Jan 19. After this, no more updates about the parcel. Should I report loss? Will it ever be sent to Macau? It has been in that status for more than 1 month and Beijing is just a few hours flight from Macau. Is there any problem with it? Can I get any compensation if the parcel is finally lost?

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Lordif | 2/22/2021 8:18:38 PM

lost package sent in July 2020

My friend sent a package full of my personal stuff in July 2020 to my Hungarian address more than six months ago. Also she sent three other packages, all of them to different Hungarian addresses, but none of them arrived. One of the delivery number is CP413732566CN. . When I track the number, it says it was delivered to an address in Shanghai last July and haven't been moving since. My friend either did not get the packages back, nor got any message that they cannot be delivered, it has just simply been declared 'delivered'. We have been waiting for any further info, we know the situation going on now makes the waiting time longer, but 4 of our packages have never arrived, so we would need compensation for them. .

11 Answer(s) | Asked by nathi93 | 1/27/2021 10:44:26 AM

Package still not delivered

RN571786938GB . Item is still not delivered your tracking shows the following. I am unable to claim compensation or a refund for this item until it has been proven as being delivered (seller is probably a scammer). Please advise what you are doing with this item (described as unknown yellow colour circle of metal).. Thank you for your help. . 2020-12-0216:09:27Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitShanghaiCity. 16:09:27送交承运商ShanghaiCity

1 Answer(s) | Asked by SDal | 1/21/2021 8:24:12 AM

Lost package

My package made it to NY. LY577925045CN. But now seems to be lost. The post office can’t find it and the sender does not respond to my emails. Credit card company won’t refund. I want compensation from China post.

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Debbie | 1/19/2021 6:35:30 AM

LZ408158805CN Package not received

Hi there, my package says it was delivered but I did not receive it. I contacted the seller and they said I need to claim compensation and then send them a claim number. I contacted Canada post but they said I need to contact China post. Please help :(

5 Answer(s) | Asked by kateferg | 1/1/2021 10:01:14 AM

LZ079057494CN still no idea where the order is

Hi there, my parcel has been in the same place since 15th of June, Daisy has asked for the tracking details which I have sent but still not heard anything. I have ordered other items from China that have arrived. Can you please let me know what is happening. If my order is lost can China post replace the item and send me compensation for the delay

3 Answer(s) | Asked by Paul A | 7/3/2020 11:04:20 PM

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