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exactly what number do I call from USA to speak with China Post to find out where my package is? UH014819118US

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RE238926806CN my item 3 weeks in Guangzhou City no update help me pls
LV305604063CN - could you give me an update please on the whereabouts of my parcel.

I am based in Auckland nz however the parcel is showing delivered to US. can you please advise why it has been delivered in US??
I am trying to track my parcel order number 16247 tracking number is AQ420455713CN
I will be home
Pls phone 519-379-7640
Quebec Canada
I need a help my friend sent me a courier in August 2021 china Post said approximately it will reach me by November but from last month it's showing Guangzhou my 2 couriers are showing in Guangzhou from August may I know the reason please why it's not shipped yet from Guangzhou
I'd like to find out about tracking LY925499520CN. There hasn't been any movement on the package in almost a couple weeks.
My shipment RV587021107CN been stuck since November 13 and there’s is no tracking information.
I've been waiting 56 days for my package wondering if this page is of any help or should I just try to call an ask for someone that speaks English for help locating my package? Trying to get it before the holidays, the tracking num is LY901275765CN if anyone can help please lmk
Hi, it's been almost 2 months and I haven't received my package. I also haven't received a shipping update in over a month.
Tracking code: LB010266303CN
Thank you.
TRACKING No. RN648376993GB
Please can I have an answer as to where the package has gone. I have spoken to the client who advises me he HAS received the package. Can China Post please update the tracking number so I can update the UK AGENT the package has arrived with the Client safely. This matter is of the utmost importance and I apprecaite your dilegence in this matter.
Kind regards
It’s been a month now since I ordered my flannel from Nov 2 now it’s December 2 when will my package since it says now it arrived in Shanghai which is still in china
Tracking number LY922336023CN
Hi. I can’t track my package: LY918490012CN. Please help!
Help track my parcel please, keep getting message parcel stuck
I ordered to Shein in 9th November. But My order is still not received . Shein delivered in 10th Nov. EV003000336CN is my order. It moved from Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, leaving [Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center], next stop [Guangzhou International Mail Exchange] in 12th November This is last moving. My parcel has not moved since 12th November at 01:39. So I am going to return to sender(Shein). I will delete my parcel
Hi there I have been waiting for long time already , I would like know when my order will be ready for me . CY003466131CN This is the number
HI, I am waiting for my consignment, tracking number UU252053548CN. According to the information it is in Johannesburg, but is is 14 days now. Is there something I can do to help get the delivery completed?

Said in the USA for a while now! Out fir delivery days ago! WHERES MY PACKAGE???
Tracking number RN619798739GB. I sent this item to the recipient un China via royal mail. Please could you update me as to why it has not been delivered yet. If any payment/tax needs to be paid by the recipient, has China post made contact with them yet?
where is my parcel from Russia tracking numbers are RB278200597RU & RB276200637RU?
please help me get the Chinese tracking numbers for these 2 parcels.
I have ordered something with tracking number AS751044027CN, it says successfully delivered on a saturday which the business was not open for delivery so I do not know where it was delivered to, have not found it. Please help
I have been waiting 4months to receive my package that was shipped from around August or September. And I have not seen any further updates. Please provide me with information on tracking number RV580056910CN destination Jamaica.
I ordered some clothes from a site 40 days ago and it still didn’t come and the owner of the site doesn’t answer he only said me that this is their first order from Cyprus.And it says the same over and over again for the tracking that the item has been returned and it still didn’t get out of China please help me I really want them clothes please
Hello there my pakage been been stuck for over a month now. Can you please update me.

Hey there.
My parcel is stuck and i don't have any updates for over a month. Can you please tell me whats going on?
My parcel has been in transit for 45 days and hasn’t changed status in a month. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but I’m scared that it will never arrived, it has been on plane entered port for a month and nothing has happened. Here is the tracking number LV339847529CN. When will I receive it?? I his is getting ridiculous now!!
I havent got an update of my package for almost a month and i wanted to see if everything is okay. Here id my tracking number: AS750443323CN
I have ordered a swimsuit on November and i have been told that i can receive it on the 25th December but I still don’t have it. Can i get any accurate updates on the product please.
Number: LV346916777CN
I ordered off a website which was almost a month ago and it says its been delivered through china post. I looked at the tracking and the item is still in transit but im confused because its going the wrong way. It was in sydney australia which is super close to where i am but now its in Darwin which is the opposite side of Australia. I need to investigate this as this very unusual and also the website is super dodgy like a scam. The package is spanish food? Not sure why coming from china?
I need your help asap please.

Been on flight since 27 November has it been lost ?

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