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exactly what number do I call from USA to speak with China Post to find out where my package is? UH014819118US

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CJ 187 945 287 US Can I get this package rerouted for a fee?
Tracking No
This package was sent approx 5 weeks ago and has not moved since the 8th of June can you please tell me why and when will it leave China for Australia please.
Hello Daisy
I stumbled on this platform on google search. I am desperate as to where my package is.
It is to be delivered to Carlton NSW Australia.
Tracking number is LX820010366CN
Can you please help
Hi I my package was picked up on June 26th from China and the only update Is from the 29th saying (Departure from GZ International YouJian Processing Center), it’s now been 18 days where is the package? Thanks
I am trying to contact China post as my package from the UK is being held as customs. I have tried many times and not been able to get through and when I do they only speak Chinese. Can someone help.
Buenas noches me dirijo a ustedes ya que la compra que hice y el número de seguimiento que me brindaron LY817755841CN aparece como entregado en un país el cual es Estados Unidos donde no es la dirección de mi ubicación la cual es Bogotá Colombia que debo hacer para que verifiquen la dirección correcta y hagan llegar mi pedido a la dirección la cual les brinde gracias
Can my parcel be little quick as its urgent document for work permit RB090534859PK
Hi I need your help I sent 2 packages to China and both are being held in Nanjing customs how do I find out the reason and work to get them released. There tracking numbers are CH134767409US AND CH138044065US
Tracking shows it was handed over to usps but they have no record of tracking number and the tracker show's it being delivered tracking number AQ827233527CN I need information on usa carrier
OMG I just ordered something from here today I hope my order comes. 3 months ago I ordered 2 items from a nother place from China I never received it at all they said it was delivered. And never got it and they were not able to help me I lost money. I ordered a juicer and ice maker. I'm very worried now I hope it not from the same store.
My package from China Post has been dormant for almost a month now. It has said “arrived in sorting center” and has not updated. Any help is appreciated. UT565153724TH
Good morning. Ordered on Amazon more than two months ago and have not received my package. Appears as delivered on June 29, but not true. Tracking is AS705684561CN. Please help find my package.
my order tracking number AQ827693863CN was being delivered by china post and shows it has been delivered but it was never received , the seller says it was by china post delivery to Australia I can find no record of any other courier , how do i get my parcel
Please check for me UU217491975CN, if the parcel has left China, Thank you.
Want to know where my package is. The tracking number is AQ828483217CN. I still have not received it nor have I got any updates. Can someone please give me updated information. Should have got a US tracking number once it hit the US.
My package was stuck for weeks. What's the status of my package? LZ936830392CN
I am having an issue I can't seem to phone China post from Canada because that there is a busy tone all the time but on my tracking information and said my package was out for delivery yesterday but didn't arrive so I was just curious figure out how to go about finding out if Amanda that today or the next day or when here's my tracking number aq829420730cn
what has happened to my package? its been 5months and hasnt arrived. LZ738730365CN
how can i contact the courier that has it? the seller is no contactable anymore. i placed an order for a nissan keyless entry fob 5 months ago. any help would be appreciated

21 Jun 2021 15:21
China EMSImport customs retained for inspection
Taiyuan International Mail Processing Center, Taiyuan city
My tracking number is LZ963294827CN. It has been over 2.5 weeks since it has updated and I have know idea where it is. It was shipped on July 17th. When I contact the shipper he can not give me a direct answer to where my parcel is right now. Do you have any idea where it is or how long it will take to arrive in Canada?
AQ521173265CN package is over due. Can you tell me where it’s at and when I might receive it thank
Hello my package has been stuck at the same point for over a week now and is not moving , who do I contact about this or could you please help me , the order number is EV990584815CN
My package shipped to wrong address
Please help me to get may package hold by custom yesterday Iwant to know what is the reason..
Tracking number ee196206315ph.. please thank you
Hi can you please help me locate my package it’s been saying transiting via transit airport for 19 days now my tracking number is EB750248620CN
My parcel has been stuck since the 26/08 /2021 until the now the 07 /09! /2021 and the tracking number is RN723038564GB please can you advise on this issue
#AQ523672480CN they say this shipment in USA. Can't find anything where my package is. Can u help? Much appreciated
I got this tracking number from my Amazon acct. now it says it was delivered but it was not. When I checked China post, it was delivered to an address located in New Albany, MS. How did this happen? Why the wrong address? LY850643733CN
Hi my package has been not delivered since may it was shipped.
My tracking number is CP384074975CN. The sender is telling me once it reaches Canada it will be updated, but all I see is expired. Can someone please help me.
Says it shipped August 30, 2021
No updates, no tracking info. where is it, is it coming?
Please assist.
Thank you

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