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exactly what number do I call from USA to speak with China Post to find out where my package is? UH014819118US

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My package from China to United Kingdom is displaying these status “ Guangzhou City, has been handed over to the carrier for transportation” could anyone enquire towards how long it will take to be delivered it has already been 8 days since the message has been shown and a total off 11 days since shipped. TRACKING NUMBER: LV454401705CN
It says my scooter was delivered today but it's not here. Somebody better figure out what happened and either replace it or refund my money
I'm trying to track my package, amazon said it was delayed at customs and I was told to contact China post but was not given a number, I would just like to know where it is and if it's on the way to be delivered. My tracking number is LV460440028CN
AG841679261CN says delivered on 3/21 and it wasn't please help locate or please refund
Can't find my parcel tracking number is AS135241075CN how do I find out more about its location and if its on its way. Thanks monzaman69
My package was attempted to be delivered while I was here but It went back to the post office. I just would like it to be delivered again as I am home and never saw someone attempt to deliver:
LV401661227CN - tracking number

My parcel was sent to me in England but I was not at the address and it has been sent back to the sender in China however I cannot find the name of the sender anywhere, is there anyway you can help me get the parcel sent back to me, or even help me find the name of the sender,
Thank you
Tracking #AQ848578378CN is showing that it has been delivered however I have not received anything. Please advise!
Attraction number AQ346776567CN came from China and made it to California and then went to Washington The delivery address is in California so why did it leave
Tracking from China made it to California where II live but then took off to to Washington why AQ346776567CN
Boa tarde novamente não consigo entrar em contacto com o vendedor nem com a transportadora china post tenho a minha encomenda em trânsito há mais de 5 dias e com a morada incorrecta pelo vendedor e não tenho qualquer resposta.
My package arrived at the secondary processing center in the US on 9/2/21. #UU206185056CN. I have not received the package or any information on my package. When will I receive it?
My package is missing and I ordered last month and paid for air expidit fees someone needs to tell me something LW201375711CN
I ordered some shoes and they say they have been delivered on Sunday April 17th which was Easter Sunday but I don't have them and nothing in the last 2 days, it's now Tuesday and still nothing, I can't even see what address it was delivered to or anything AQ849885817CN
AS135818075CN is my tracking number... I would like to know where my inversion table is and why no one will conta t me back with its location or any details... the shipping address is right on my end but I can't seem to contact anyone on the other end
Tracking says order was delivered but I did not receive any package. The tracking number is AQ848459818CN the item is a recovery winch. How can I find out what happened to my delivery?
I ordered a bowling ball that says it was delivered but I never received my package and I don't know where it was delivered to I live in the United States and haven't received my package at all tracking number AS135980155CN
Hello, can you please assist me with my package, LV450303230CN, no updates for a long time. I’ll appreciate that very much.
Best regards.
Hi , I am from tracking my order there is no movement,Tracking # is AS811059612CN could you please help out,
Thanks so much
can u plz. let me know when exactly i will receive my shipment as took long time and when i checked it showed as following ;
Your package has entered the destination district or country
Hi, I ordered a moped from a website that was selling the overstock for cheap and I tracked it to the united States, but something went wrong and it said someone picked it up. I live in South Carolina and this happened in Georgia. tracking number is EV014787035CN. What do I do?
Package says delivered...on 20th April???? Rubbish nothing has arrived? Where is my Package???
Hi There
I am wondering where my package is? from tracking the package, it show that the package was deliver. I have not received the package or a notice. Tracking number AQ849523185CN

Daisy can you please help me? I sent a package from Australia to Shangyu, Shaoxing
ZHEJIANG PROVINCE CHINA 312300. It has arrived in China but not moved since 19th April. Tracking number is EJ290975162AU
In tracking information it shows that the parcel is delivered but still I didn't received my parcel. What should I do?
When I track my package it says that it has been delivered. But I haven’t received it. Can someone tell me where it was delivered? AS134693618CN
I am trying to identify the US based carrier that was to deliver a large package, tracking number AG862866110CN. This tracking number cannot be tracked by the US Postal Service and the size of the package would not be delivered to me via the US Postal Service. However, China Post indicates from their tracking system that the package was delivered on April 25, but I never received it. It is a large item approximately 6 ft long and 2 ft wide and 2 ft high. I would like to know which shipper in the US that the package was given to from China Post once it arrived in Los Angeles. Thank you.
Hi Daisy

I ordered a sofa to be delivered with yourselves. It said it was delivered on Thursday but if it was, it's not at my house. I was in on Thursday and noone knocked, rang the bell, left the parcel.
The tracking number is AS810828774CN
My shipment doesn't update from the 8 of May until 21 May?? Any update please.. RB194824678SG
I want to know when my parcel will be delivered, it has been long time to arrive to Shenzhen... Now is in Shenzhen already few days, and it's quite urgent to get parcel as it contains very important documents... Tracking number is
Thank you

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