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Cant call


What if I cant call cause my phone isnt able to call internationally

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Hi Crogers5518,

You'd better let the sender in China to call it.
Hello i have had about 4 packages that were supposed to be shipped 1. CY001467085CN 2. CY001376844CN 3. CY001428042CN 4. CY001356399CN all of them haven’t updated in a while and was wondering what’s going on. It’s been sitting in Guangzhou for a while and nothing has happened.
Hi Dee,

You'd better wait for more days to get update. It usually takes about 60-90 days for them to be delivered.

My order for ps5 hasn't arrived but says it has. but i have been given a bag tag instead. LV217112576CN
my package number is LY929220912CN and it hasn't moved and I'm wondering what's the update on it and the arrival time to the USA?
Where are my packages stuck in transit 42 days
As811469696cn is my tracing number it says my package was delivered but I have been home for the last four days and there has been no mail and no deliveries. Where is my package,who had it last and how do contact them to find out where my package is?
I haven't received my order yet but it says delivered upon tracking information. It says it was delivered to the IS So where is my package?

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What if I cant call cause my phone isnt able to call internationally

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Hi Daisy you told me that I should call Saudi post to change the address from my dad’s office to my house but when should I call them to change it? When I get an update that it reached the destination country or now? Tracking Number RE020339549CN. Is it is Saudi Arabia?

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Please check for me - what does 送交承运商 mean, exactly? Does it mean that the package was given to Koreapost? Is the package still in China? Or has it left China? Please help me. I was given previous advice to call China post. I did call them, but I was told that I had to call a different number. That number didn't work.

I don't whether to file a claim with the Royal Mail for a missing package or to wait.

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