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Parcel delivery attempt


Hello my tracking is displaying that delivery was attempted but i did not receive any call or anything. Can you please leave my parcel inside the door is open always or call me at my phone number provided

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Hi Tij,

Sorry, we are only a tracking platform. You need to contact your local courier to leave the parcel inside the door or call you at your phone number.

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Package delivery attempt (2 replies)

I have returned some goods to a chinese seller and the tracking says there was a delivery attempt on 30.12.
The seller has not received it yet, so I guess the attempt failed.
Tracking Nr is: CY511249954DE
Is there an issue with the address? Will there be a second delivery attempt?
Kind regards

Failed attempt delivery (1 reply)

There is a failed attempt delivery on Jan 28 and now my parcel is in the holding facility. The recipient company now has resumed business since Feb 10. When will my parcel be send out again?

Parcel from Belgium in Shanghai since 13th November but no delivery yet (2 replies)

My sister sent me from Belgium a small parcel with tracking number RA809449513BE.
Sent on 31st October from Brussels, Belgium
This is the tracking result :
2017-11-01 02:09:00.0 已leaving 布鲁塞尔center
2017-11-01 02:46:00.0
2017-11-06 08:37:02.0 Beijing import customs scan
2017-11-06 15:24:37.0 Beijing center import customs cleared (domestic transit )
2017-11-10 08:04:58.0 Shanghai import customs scan
2017-11-10 12:03:41.0 Shanghai center import customs cleared (domestic transit )
2017-11-11 07:01:48.0 arrive 田园post dept. center
2017-11-11 09:05:53.0 田园post dept. attempt delivery
2017-11-11 19:11:36.0 田园post dept. attempt delivery
2017-11-11 19:13:51.0 田园post dept. attempt delivery
2017-11-11 19:30:03.0 田园post dept. attempt delivery
2017-11-12 09:32:24.0 田园post dept. attempt delivery
2017-11-12 18:39:09.0 田园post dept. attempt delivery
2017-11-12 18:43:10.0 田园post dept. attempt delivery
2017-11-13 08:05:56.0 arrive 田园post dept. center

Can someone tell me where is the parcel since 13th of November? It's in Shanghai, I live in Minhang.
Why there is so many attempts delivery?

Thanks for your reply

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