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wish order stuck at "depart from departure transit hub"


I placed 3 wish orders in the 2nd week of April. All were to be delivered by May end. The delivery dates keep on extending everytime and the status is stuck at "depart from departure hub". Please let me know the status of the following parcels as I need them urgently.


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Hi Sam,

WI000332821765FPL is sent by Wishpost by the seller, it's still in transit to your country now:
2020-05-21 15:21, Depart from Departure Transit Hub
2020-05-01 10:56, leave [International Mail Processing Center], the next stop [Shanghai Goodman Processing Center] (via transfer)
2020-04-28 07:48, arrive [Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station] (via transfer)
2020-04-28 07:34, leave [International Mail Processing Center], the next stop [Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station] (via transfer)
2020-04-26 22:23, Departed from Carrier
2020-04-26 17:27, Arrived at Carrier
2020-04-22 13:58, Departed from EPC warehouse, SHUNYOU_SZ, Guangzhou, CHN
2020-04-20 04:13, Arrived at EPC warehouse
2020-04-18 19:11, Departed from the first mile sorting center, Fuzhou, CHN
2020-04-17 01:51, Arrived at the first mile sorting center, Fuzhou, CHN
2020-04-17 00:12, Picked up, Fuzhou, CHN

WI000348881245FPL: no information found for it.

UC936302170YP: was delivered to airline on April 27 and in transit to Canada now. If yuo couldn't receive it before July 3, you need to contact the seller to get refund in time.
2020-04-27 18:14, Shanghai, airline transportation
2020-04-25 10:02, Shanghai, leave [International Mail Processing Center], the next stop [Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station]
2020-04-24 19:29, Shanghai, 【International Mail Processing Center】Direct export seal
2020-04-24 18:37, Shanghai, arrive【International Mail Processing Center】
2020-04-24 15:29, Shanghai, leave【International Express Courier Bulk】, the next stop【International Mail Processing Center】
2020-04-24 13:56, Shanghai, [International Express Courier Bulk] has been received, the investment is invited: Xia Jun, Tel: 15812564789
2020-04-23 00:47, Last mile=> Destination country post, number LZ031513858CN
2020-04-22 19:11, Depart from airport of the original country
2020-04-22 16:39, Departed from Yanwen Facility
2020-04-21 21:43, Process completed in Yanwen Facility
2020-04-21 11:23, Picked up
The tracking information for my order UD027169606YP hasn't updated since 24th May. Just a but concerned that it's lost / stuck. Are you able to have a look at this for me please?
Many Thanks
Can you please tell me where my package is?
That is the tracking number!
I really need them urgently!
Hey I ordered something on wish May 1st 2020 and I was supposed to get my package on the 26th of May but haven’t gotten it yet and it’s now June 4th on the tracker it says “ Depart from Departure Transit Hub” it’s been saying that since May 21st and nothing has changed what does that mean? When will I get my package? My tracker number is WI000412990802FPL
No updated of my package Ln2563876719cn
Hi Angel,

LN2563876719CN is not a right tracking number.
Hi! Some of my order says they arrive already since MAY 16 and until now i didn’t receive yet?
While some of my order did not move the tracking it stock.
Arrive at Departure Transit Hub, None China.
Tracking number LX161020307CN
What's going on IV ordered five rugs from wish and never got on. It's saying what they all said transit hub China. And because IV had my money back wish is saying IV had too many refunds. This is totally unfair when IV not received any of my purchased rugs.
I ended up buying a UK rug on Amazon. So can u just someone please tell me why I'm not getting my rugs.
Hi I ordered a package in May for my birthday , it has said for 2 weeks now that it’s at the departure transit hub in China & you check for me as to weather it is on its way or not?

Order number : LX143614030CN
I ordered my item May 27 and I've waiting on it for a while now it said it would of been delivered July 30 and when I'm tracking it looks like it coming but now the date change to August 5 and it say Depart from Departure Transit Hub, and I really want my item so why it change when the tracking package was going fast ? And will it get delivered earlier?
I ordered from wish may 27th and they said my stuff would be here by June 11th and 12th now it’s been pushed back till July 1st what in the world is going on it’s been at the transit hub since may 28th
Tracking #: UQ233852182CN
May 12, 2020
Depart from Departure Transit Hub. How long does it take to travel from the departure transit hub to the UK, or does the aircraft fly backwards more than it flies forward. 12 May is a full month ago.
I have 4 packages from wish and I ordered in April. Is there still a delay on my packages. I’m not receiving no updates. When is it expected for the department to be open?
I'm not sure how this platform works but I would be grateful if someone helped me with the tracking of this package because I was hoping to receive some more information

Thank you, I apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a good continuation
I'm still waiting for my birthday present and it hasn't been updated since May 18th deflecting number is: WI000025903969SMT
Hi leejay1051,

It's still in transit in China now. You need to wait for more days to see update. If you couldn't receive in time, contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.
My package hasn’t moved in weeks and the date keeps getting pushed out longer with no package movement, what is going on?


Thank you!

I also have wish order tracking # i was given 300003979634 says departed customs of destination country US 5/2/20 no other update next # 300004122647 departed customs of destination country 5/8/ 20 and also WI001311261019EPC says arrived destination transit hub 5/20/20 says label created usps not in system UB979784430TW please help me find out where these packages are
Hi please check my order has been on the destatination of country for 15 days now I need to know how long will it take to be delivered cause the dates keep on changing and stuck

My parcel has been stuck in departed center , and its now showing on tracking . Plz lemme know where i can track these , i need them urgent or give me my money back . Thanks
Hi please check my order has been on the destination country for like 60 days now I need to know how long will it take to be delivered cause the dates keep on changing and stuck

Hi Jane,

They are still in China now. If you couldn't receive them in time, contact the seller to give you a solution.
All of the below orders are stuck at “arrive at departure transit hub” and have been from 20 days to 50 days and I’d either want a refund or information as to how to actually receive these orders.
I have several orders from the first of may that have not arrived from And all your tracking hasn't moved in over a month and a half. I want to know when my packages will arrive or if you even can tell me anything. This is the worst shipping I have ever known. My tracking numbers are:
Will I get my packages.?
Fhhjj hhfg gghn gdhvdhhv hjnv.
I need to know when it will be here because the time it is coming at kelps on extending
Hi ,
So i already order in Wish with 2 tracks
But still, nothing, what should I do?
Hi im April,
ive ordered quite a few Wish items and all of these parcels have not been delivered please tell me if any new updates other then my research.
WI000391164424FPL transit hub australia 27th may 2020 today day 57 in transit
WI000441588131FPL transit hub australia 4th june 2020 today day 45 in transit
WI000441930925FPL transit hub australia 3rd june 2020 today day 43 in transit
WI000514596493FPL transit hub australia 9th june 2020 today day 32 in transit
WI000526852260FPL departed EPC warehouse china 5th june 2020 today day 31 in transit.
Hi Australian,

WI000332821765FPL and WI000348881245FPL are still in transit to your country now. You need to wait for more days to receive them.

UC936302170YP was delivered on June 10. If you don't receive it, contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution in time.
Had 14'orders with Wish of which 7' has been refunded. Wish orders never resch end destination. Alibaba took 15'working day/Banggood took 11'working days.all the problems on this website partain to Wish only. Never buy from them again.

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