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Why is my return just sitting in customs.


Package stuck in customs for almost 2 weeks now this was a returned item. I made a purchase on AliExpress and now I am returning it. I can’t get a refund until they get their item back. I have waited weeks for it to get to China only to be stuck in customs for weeks. USPS tracking: CH128822962US

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Hi donishanp,

It should be waiting for the receiver in China to declare to the customs now. You'd better contact the receiver in China to ask if he has received the notice from the customs. If no, let him call China customs service number 12360 to check.
I am in the US is there anyway I can declare it or pay the duty so it can clear customs I feel like the seller I purchase from is dragging their feet. If I can take care of this who can I contact and how do I reach them from the US. I just want a refund for my item I am returning . CH128822962US
Hi donishanp,

You couldn't declare to the customs. It needs the receiver in China to declare.
Hi, My package number is CJ460762822U. Now I have shipped it over to sichuan Chengdu and it couldn’t pass through customs, now since it can't pass will it automatically be shipped back to me, because I have called China Post but it keeps sayinging your package has failed to past custom.
Hi Kikimee,

You need to let the receiver in China to require the customs to return it back. Or, it may be retained by the customs.
I sent an item to China to get a refund from seller and it has been in customs for 3 weeks. Why is it still in customs and not sent to the seller? I can’t get a refund until they receive it. Tracking number LK128837834AU with Australian post.

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