RY088944095GB in Chinese Customs for nearly a month

Asked by Mike | 6/22/2020 6:58:06 AM

Item sent from Uk with Royal mail tracking number RY088944095GB.
This has been noted as sitting in Chinese Customs Import since 24th May. This is a Warranty Return claim on a purchase from China. No contact has been made with the recipient or sender. Can you please tell me when it is likely to move onwards or what the problem is.

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Daisy 6/24/2020 3:53:11 AM

Hi Mike,

You need to let the recipient contact Guangzhou customs to check.

Josephine Cook 1/5/2021 5:47:15 AM

parcel has been in Customs at Xi'an since 10th December. Why ? It's Tracking number is LK107237049AU

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