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package stuck at Zhengzhou,China.


I sent my package to the returning address that was on the box and the company stated that wasn't the right return address. My package has been stuck for 2 months going on 3months in Zhengzhou,China. How can I get in contact with them about my package being sent back to me?

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Hi Alissa,

You need to contact the courier you use to send it to require them help you call it back to you.

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Hi, my parcel, tracking number LY468712402CN, has been showing as outbound flight departed Zhengzhou, China since September 30th and has not been updated since. I was wondering if it was stuck there or if there was an issue of some sort or if I could possibly get a status update?

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My package is stuck since 05/02, after 30 days in transit. Last message is :

Zhengzhou City, leaving Zhengzhou International Processing Center, the next stop , Zhengzhou Bus Transfer Station

Can you tell me whre it is ?

Thank you

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Hi my package I shipped about 2 weeks ago and has been stuck in Zhengzhou for a week and half with no update. I read that usually packages that go to Europe go through zhengzhou but my package is going to Canada. When can I expect an update?
Tracking ID: CY016901245CN

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