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Poste Restante in shenzhen


What are the names and addresses of one or two offices of China Post in Shenzhen which have poste restante (general delivery) service?

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Hi John,

There are many China Post offices in Shenzhen offering poste restante service. You'd better offer the definit district in Shenzhen first, such as Luohu, Longgang, Futian, Nanshan...
Thank you Lucy, for responding helpfully to my questions about poste restante in Guilin, Shenzhen, and Dongguan.
Now I am asking about at least one name and location of post office(s) in the FUTIAN district of Shenzhen that have poste restante service.
Hongli Branch of China Post:
No. 1096 Hongli Road, Yuanling Street, Futian District, Shenzhen City
Postal Code: 518000
Telephone number: 0755-22207942

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