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Is it posible to send a letter "poste restante" or "general delivery" ?


I want to send a letter from Russian Federation to my Friend in Chongqing "poste restante" or "general delivery" . If Yes. Can I choose any Post Office or only some of them (from 1703)? or only China Post. What the adress can I write on the envelope: an adress of the Post Office, the postal code? Does the Post Office has a e-mail for the contacts?
I wish You and Your family goodluck, health and happiness. Thank You!

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Hi Masha,

You can choose any China post office in Chongqing for your friend to pick the letter. If the post office is near to him/her, that's much better. You can ask him/her the address of one around him/her.

You should write the address of the post office near him/her. You should leave the phone number as well in order for the post office in Chongqing to contact your friend when the letter arrives. The post office usually helps to keep the letter for 5 days, after that day they will charge management fees if your friend doesn't go there to pick.
非常感谢 Ling Zhang!

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