Search my parcel and the post Office where can be

Asked by Julia | 4/11/2016 11:28:13 AM

Hi i need to Find my parcel i sent to Contact Name: LiangYong Zhang
Address: Room 11B, ShiDaiXuan, ShiDaiHuaTing, XinZhou Road, FuTian,
City: Shenzhen
Province: Guangdong
Country: CN (China)
Zip code: 518031. You can help me please to know the poste for this adresse please please tracking number is CC666406802FR thank you

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Lily Cao 4/11/2016 8:25:16 PM

Hi Julia,

What's your problem. I found the parcel you mentioned has been delivered succeessfully last month. Here is the tracking result:

2016-03-29 00:00
Chine, Your parcel was delivered.

2016-03-28 00:00
Chine, Your parcel is being shipped.

2016-03-28 00:00
Chine, Your parcel has arrived in the destination country

2016-03-24 00:00
Export center, Your parcel has left the country of origin.

2016-03-23 00:00
Post office Le touvet, Your parcel has been posted in a postal location.

Julia 4/11/2016 10:15:16 PM

Hi thank you to answer ,the problem is the person what it must to receve the parcel speak he dont have ,S-o i think maybe is at the post office ,do you think is posible to delivered the parcel at the post ? Thank you for you help

Lily Cao 4/12/2016 3:03:39 AM

Hi Julia,

I think someone else has got it for him. In general, if the system shows it has been delivered, it couldn't be at the post office. You'd better let the receiver dial 11185 or 11183 to ask the reason. He should provide the tracking number to the customer service.

Julia 4/12/2016 4:40:35 AM

Hi again i am from France and i dont know if it work maybe i need a prefix of China ?

julia 4/13/2016 6:24:17 AM

hi i want thank you very much for everything i find the parcel is at the receiver ,but is nice you answer to me thank you again

Mike Stenning 3/27/2020 10:27:15 AM

postal code for

No.1 Building,TSD Industrial Park,No.79 Longwo Road,Longtian Community,Longtian town,Pingshan

Daisy 3/28/2020 1:21:22 AM

Hi Mike Stenning,

What's the city for the adderss?

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