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Missing package


Missing Mail Search Request Initiated, Missing Mail Search Request ID MRC 23 1648 4853, A search has been initiated on your item as of 12:10 pm on July 11, 2023. The Missing Mail Search Request ID for your item is MRC 23 1648 4853. This is what it says on the tracking now. For tracking number RG017342636CN.

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Hi Cassandra,

Do you initiate the missing mail search to China Post or the sender? It's in transit to the US now. To my experience, it takes about another 20 days to reach. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

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Here, I want bring in your notice that I received my package on 11-12-2020 in Agriculture University Peshawar, the tracking number of my package is CP379440835CN.
I got the package almost after one year and unluckily few things are missing from the package, one leather coat, one wool sweater and two T-shirts.
Here I want to submit my complaint for the missing things. Please take notice not only for me but for your reputation. Thanks

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Missing package - Tracking number UT714972495CN. Ordered in November 2019. STILL not able to find it anywhere in FEBRUARY of 2020!!!

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