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my package is already 10 days stuck in "Liege-Linehaul Arrival"


My package LT104880563NL arrived Liege-Linehaul Arrival at: 2020-05-30 04:44:00 [GMT+1]. Right now it is 10 days later, and no change in its status.
What is it waiting for? Is there something you can do to make it move again?

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Hello Jan,

I have the same problem. What can we do?
Same problem, 13 days.
Same problem 15 days
Same problem 17 days
Same issue, multiple parcels stuck at "waiting for customs clearance" for 14/12/8 days respectively.
Very frustrating that Belgium lobbied for the Aliexpress EU hub but only expanded customs staff from ~200 to ~300 despite the growth of the cargo airport growing from 9m annual to 360m annual parcels.
Same problem here.. 8 parcels stuck from 30 may.. why pay more for Ali Express shipping if it still takes the same time or even more then sellers choice to get our parcels. There is surely something wrong there because this pointless waiting is absurd..
Same problem. Stuck in there since first of June. Today is 17th
Same here... 8 parcels or something. "Liege-Linehaul Arrival". Problems in Belgium: Liege.
We all have to file complaints with AliExpress. If we do this for each parcel that is at Liege-LineHaul for more then 2 days, then they get overloaded with complaints and probably address the understaffing issue there!
The good thing though is that I already had several shipment that delayed so much that I got a refund (and 14 days later finally received my package, so I got it for free due to long shipping)
Where can I complain about Liege Customs, I am waiting for more than 5 parcels since 4th of June. Where can I complain about this at AliExpress? Can't find it.
Same here waiting for 8 packages
Same here. Waiting for 4th of June. It sucks! :(
same here. Parcels stuck since 24th of May. Any of you had any luck since?
May, 29 arrived, never left.
Yup, me too. Stuck there for 9 days now.
Same here, waiting on this status since 4th of June
Same here, my order is stuck in Liege since the 26st of may..
Same here, 5 packages.
That's why is cheap guys. Next time pay more and buy European products...
like it's not even cheap + some of the items charge shipping costs; same here waiting for ages; its not moving and it says it's arrived at the destination country even though that's not true, there're issues with alieexpress parcel tracking .. i don't think complaining will solve anything, might make it worse. you can complain only after 80 day period since shipping; i doubt any of you have waited for 80 days as of yet.
Same here, stuck on Liege. no movement since 02-06-2020 tracking id LT106877607NL
Package delay
gonna take a while befor you get your order!! search for Jan var de kraan enad yu know why :-(
After research i found that in Liege many packages from AliExpress where stolen
Can't share link HtTpS [DASH] Ru7p3GF
Hi, me too have a package stuck since 24th may. even the seller can't tell me more information.
try this, mine has no info since 7/06/2020 but on this website parcelsapp(dot)com/en/tracking it gave me more info... my stuff is also stuck since may.
Same here, package stuck in Liege since the 5th of June.... A truck full of AliExpress packages destined for the Netherlands got robbed by bandits, i hope my package wasn't in that truck....
My package is stuck since 10-6-2020 - Liege-Linehaul Arrival, destination Spain

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