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China Post Announcement

China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

Temporary Suspension of Acceptance of Packages Destined to Some of the Courtiers by China Post [As of July 30]

The global epidemic has caused a certain degree of impact on transportation and aviation for packages. China Post has stopped to send packages to some of the countries and the delivery of the packages sent to the listed countries will be delayed. Check the following tables to get which countries are available and not available now by using China Post (China Post Small Packet, China EMS and e-Packet). More countries will be available as long as the Corona situation calms down a bit.  

China Post Small Packages

Country Code Coutries Status As Of
BR Brazil Suspend April 27
PR Puerto Rico Suspend April 27
DZ Algeria Suspend April 20
AE UAE Suspend April 20
OM Oman Suspend April 20
AZ Azerbaijan Suspend April 20
EG Egypt Suspend April 20
GH Bahrain Suspend April 20
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina Suspend April 20
DO Dominican Republic Suspend April 20
GH Ghana Suspend April 20
GA Gabon Suspend April 20
CI Cote d'Ivoire Suspend April 20
KE Kenya Suspend April 20
MT Malta Suspend April 20
MA Morocco Suspend April 20
MZ Mozambique Suspend April 20
NG Nigeria Suspend April 20
SN Senegal Suspend April 20
CY Cyprus Suspend April 20
AM Armenia Suspend April 20
JO Jordan Suspend April 20
MN Mongolia Suspend April 20
ZA South Africa Suspend April 14
RS Serbia Suspend April 14
EC Ecuador Suspend April 14
HN Honduras Suspend April 14
PF French Polynesia Suspend April 14
FJ Fiji Suspend April 14
TN Tunisia Suspend April 14
MG Madagascar Suspend April 14
TD Chad Suspend April 14
ME Montenegro Suspend April 14
WS Samoa Suspend April 14
BO Bolivia Suspend April 14
LY Libya Suspend April 14
KP Korea Suspend April 14
MR Mauritania Suspend April 14
SR Suriname Suspend April 14
LK Sri Lanka Suspend April 14
BN Brunei Suspend April 14
VE Venezuela Suspend April 14
MV Maldives Suspend April 14
MD Moldova Suspend April 14
PH Philippines Suspend April 14
ZW Zimbabwe Suspend April 14
KY Cayman Islands Suspend April 14
BW Botswana Suspend April 14
GM Gambia Suspend April 14
BB Barbados Suspend April 14
BI Burundi Suspend April 14
AL Albania Suspend April 14
KH Cambodia Suspend April 14
PS Palestine Suspend April 14
IS Iceland Suspend April 14
ZM Zambia Suspend April 14
LS Lesotho Suspend April 14
UY Uruguay Suspend April 14
LR Liberia Suspend April 14
PG Papua New Guinea Suspend April 14
GY Guyana Suspend April 14
AG Antigua and Barbuda Suspend April 14
GE Georgia Suspend April 14
LA Laos Suspend April 14
TT Trinidad and Tobago Suspend April 14
ML Mali Suspend April 14
CG Republic of Congo) Suspend April 14
GN Guinea Suspend April 14
BJ Benin Suspend April 14
TZ Tanzania Suspend April 14
SL Sierra Leone Suspend April 14
AO Angola Suspend April 14
TG Togo Suspend April 14
RE Reunion Suspend April 14
GQ Equatorial Guinea Suspend April 14
SA Saudi Arabia Suspend April 14
IN India Suspend April 14
CR Costa Rica Suspend April 14
MU Mauritius Suspend April 14
PE Peru Suspend April 14
ID Indonesia Suspend April 14
BR Brazil Suspend April 14
BY Belarus Recover May 21
BG Bulgaria Recover May 21
DK Denmark Recover May 21
CA Canada Recover May 21
LV Latvia Recover May 21
RO Romania Recover May 21
IE Ireland Recover May 21
SC Seychelles Suspend April 14
UA Ukraine Recover May 21
GR Greece Recover May 21
SG Singapore Recover May 21
VN Vietnam Recover May 21
CL Chile Recover May 21
SK Slovakia Recover May 21
FI Finland Recover May 21
PT Portugal Recover May 21
EE Estonia Recover May 21

China EMS

Stop From To Coutries Country Code
June 2 Bengal C1
April 21 Curacao CW
April 21 Oman OM
April 21 Egypt EG
April 21 Bahrain BH
April 21 Congo (DRC) CD
April 21 Ghana GH
April 21 Kenya KE
April 21 Morocco MA
April 21 Niger NE
April 21 Nigeria NG
April 21 Cyprus CY
April 21 Uganda UG
April 21 Jordan JO
April 21 Senegal SN
April 21 Malta MT
April 21 Mozambique MZ
April 21 Rwanda RW
April 21 Bulgaria BG
April 21 Burkina Faso BF
April 21 Cuba CU
April 21 Djibouti DJ
April 21 Cote d'Ivoire CI
April 21 UAE AE
April 21 Ethiopia ET
April 20 Finland FI
April 20 Portugal PT
April 14 Argentina AR
April 14 UAE AE
April 14 Ethiopia ET
April 14 Ireland IE
April 14 Bulgaria BG
April 14 Burkina Faso BF
April 14 Cuba CU
April 14 Djibouti DJ
April 14 Cote d'Ivoire CI
April 14 Croatia HR
April 14 Rwanda RW
April 14 Romania RO
April 14 Malta MT
April 14 Mozambique MZ
April 14 Switzerland CH
April 14 Senegal SN
April 14 Singapore SG
April 14 Indonesia ID
April 14 Brazil BR
April 14 Belarus BY
April 14 Denmark DK
6/8 Recover Canada CA
April 14 Latvia LV
6/8Recover Ukraine UA
April 14 Greece GR
April 14 Vietnam VN
April 10 South Africa ZA
April 10 Tunisia TN
April 10 Madagascar MG
April 10 Chad TD
April 10 Korea KP
April 10 Sri Lanka LK
April 10 Philippines PH
April 10 Cayman Islands KY
April 10 Botswana BW
April 10 Cambodia KH
April 10 Papua New Guinea PG
April 10 Guyana GY
April 10 Laos LA
April 10 Mali ML
April 10 Republic of Congo) CG
April 10 Guinea GN
April 10 Estonia EE
April 10 Panama PA
April 10 Kuwait KW
April 10 Saudi Arabia SA
April 10 Peru PE
April 10 India IN
April 9 Saudi Arabia SA


Coutries  Country Code Weight Note  
Ireland IE 2000g No Plane At Present To some of the countries, there is no flight now caused by coronavirus.
Services will be provided as normal when the flight resumes.
Austria AT 2000g Available
Australia AU 2000g Available
Brazil BR 2000g Available
Belgium BE 2000g No Plane At Present
Poland PL 2000g Available
Denmark DK 2000g No Plane At Present
Germany DE 2000g Available 
Russia RU 2000g Available
France FR 2000g Available 
Finland FI 2000g Available 
Kazakhstan KZ 2000g Available 
Korea KR 2000g Available 
Netherlands NL 2000g Available 
Canada CA 2000g Available
Luxembourg LU 2000g Available 
Malaysia MY 2000g Available 
United States US 2000g Available
Mexico MX 2000g Available 
Norway NO 2000g Available 
Portugal PT 2000g Available 
Japan JP 2000g Available
Sweden SE 2000g Available 
Switzerland CH 2000g Available 
Saudi Arabia SA 2000g Available 
Thailand TH 2000g Available 
Turkey TR 2000g Available 
Ukraine UA 2000g Available
Spain ES 2000g Available 
Greece GR 2000g No Plane At Present
Singapore SG 2000g No Plane At Present
new Zealand NZ 2000g Available
Hungary HU 2000g Available 
Israel IL 5000g Available
Italy IT 2000g Available
Indonesia ID 2000g No Plane At Present
Vietnam VN 2000g Available 
China Hong Kong HK 2000g Available 
United Kingdom GB 5000g Available

Questions and Answers

My package has not been updated or moved since May 31st

2 Answer(s) | Asked by Jentrainer03 | 6/10/2021 7:53:59 AM

Package stucked in China

5 Answer(s) | Asked by Nassim | 2/22/2021 7:41:28 AM

Parcel verification and delay at Weifeng Express Processing Center

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Waiting In NZ | 2/1/2021 1:02:59 PM

ePacket is it still service between China to Australia at the moment?

1 Answer(s) | Asked by CyberTon | 1/21/2021 2:06:41 AM

Is EMS China currently shipping by air from Shenzhen to the UK?

1 Answer(s) | Asked by LIOS | 1/7/2021 12:40:16 AM

parcel is stuck

3 Answer(s) | Asked by Drey | 10/29/2020 3:06:55 PM

Stuck at regional sorting centre

1 Answer(s) | Asked by MaxCascarini | 10/28/2020 8:18:37 AM

When will item leave

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Mariam | 10/27/2020 2:16:50 PM

My parcel is stuck I think

1 Answer(s) | Asked by FAHEEL2258 | 10/27/2020 6:52:56 AM

package stuck for 25 days

3 Answer(s) | Asked by WP | 10/26/2020 6:49:56 PM

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