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How to Fill the International Express Mail (EMS) Waybill


Filling Requirements for International Express Mail Waybill:

1.    The detailed express mail waybill should be filled out by the sender and pasted on the mail cover. When filling in the waybill/form, use a typewriter, printer or ballpoint pen to write the details clearly in blue or black colors. The handwriting or printing should be neat and clear, and the copy content of the fifth page/slip should also be legible and clear.

2.    The names and addresses of the recipient and the sender should be filled out in French, English or the common recognized language in the country (region) of the destination. Abbreviations, acronyms or codewords shall not be used. In the event of writing the names and addresses in a language other than English or French, the country (region) and place name of the destination should be additionally noted in Chinese, French or English, and the country (region) and place name of the destination should be capitalized. The telephone or fax numbers of the recipient and the sender should be provided and written in the space specified in the express mail waybill form. For express mails to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Macau, the names and addresses of the recipient and the sender can be written in Chinese only.

3.    In the event of delivering documents and data, it is required to mark a "×" sign in the box of "Business paper" specified in the declaration space/position of the express waybill form. When sending and delivering a letter, do not fill in any content in the declaration space/position of the express mail waybill.

4.    For express mail with goods/items inside, the name, quantity and value/amount of the goods/items should be indicated and specified in the declaration space/position in the express mail waybill and the declaration form. The name of the goods/items shall be detailed and specific and should be filled out in English or in a language recognized in the country (region) of the destination and additionally noted in Chinese; the quantity should be filled in with Arabic numbers/numerals, and the value/amount should be marked in US dollars.

5.    The detailed express mail waybill shall be affixed and pasted flatly and neatly on a flat surface of the mail. For round-rolled mail/parcels, the long/length side of the express mail waybill should be parallel to the long/length side of the round roll parcels. The detailed express mail waybill should not be used as a sealing tape, nor should it be folded and pasted. Make sure to keep the barcode on the express mail waybill clean and clear.

Questions and Answers

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It seems my package (CP435235078CN) get stuck in Shanghai email exchange station... could you help check the status and let me know why?

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Where are my items?

Hi,. Where of my items? One of the tracking numbers hasn't been updated for 8+ weeks?. LH808266641CN. &. LZ783313136CN.

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Request for Valid Tracking IDs for Amazon International Orders

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