China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

Suzhou Post Offices

Map of Suzhou Post Offices

Post Office
Everlast Post Office
Huaihai Post Office
White soil branch
Zhaozhuang Branch
Qinglong Post Office

Questions and Answers

How do I get my package out of customs?

0 Answer(s) | Asked by Navi | 6/11/2024 5:30:04 AM

please verify this address

1 Answer(s) | Asked by mslbutler | 3/19/2024 10:17:31 AM

who handles stuck package china customs submit declaration materials

1 Answer(s) | Asked by pkg held at customs | 3/12/2024 10:09:00 AM

Canada-China tracking via Canada Post- Suzhou delay

0 Answer(s) | Asked by Farah | 12/13/2023 12:21:17 AM

The package is stuck in Suzhou City Customs for several days.

0 Answer(s) | Asked by Paul | 11/20/2023 8:51:52 AM

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