China Postal Code

China Postal Code of Ali Prefecture

District/County in EnglishPostal Code Province
Gar County 859000Tibet Autonomous Region
Ge'gyai County 859100Tibet Autonomous Region
Gerze County 859200Tibet Autonomous Region
Coqen County 859300Tibet Autonomous Region
Burang County 859500Tibet Autonomous Region
Zanda County 859600Tibet Autonomous Region
Rutog County 859700Tibet Autonomous Region
Ali Prefecture 859000Tibet Autonomous Region

Questions and Answers

Order: 96649937364712

0 Answer(s) | Asked by kevin schrickx | 1/15/2019 7:31:53 AM

package delivered and I have not received it

0 Answer(s) | Asked by Jose Antonio | 1/14/2019 7:54:05 AM

Dear friend

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Nika | 1/5/2019 9:15:41 AM

Compra Aliexpress

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Róger Silva | 1/4/2019 6:19:19 AM

Por qué no se ha movido mi pedido?

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Iris | 1/3/2019 2:58:41 PM

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