China Postal Code of Fuzhou

District/County in EnglishPostal Code Province
Dongxiang County 331800 Jiangxi Province
Fuzhou City 344000 Jiangxi Province
Zixi County 335300 Jiangxi Province
Linchuan District 344100 Jiangxi Province
Chongren County 344200 Jiangxi Province
Le'an County 344300 Jiangxi Province
Yihuang County 344400 Jiangxi Province
Nanfeng County 344500 Jiangxi Province
Lichuan County 344600 Jiangxi Province
Nancheng County 344700 Jiangxi Province
Jinxi County 344800 Jiangxi Province
Guangchang County 344900 Jiangxi Province
Fuzhou City 350000 Fujian Province
Cangshan District 350000 Fujian Province
Gulou District 350000 Fujian Province
Jinan District 350000 Fujian Province
Mawei District 350000 Fujian Province
Taijiang District 350000 Fujian Province
Minhou County 350100 Fujian Province
Changle City 350200 Fujian Province
Fuqing City 350300 Fujian Province
Pingtan County 350400 Fujian Province
Lianjiang County 350500 Fujian Province
Luoyuan County 350600 Fujian Province
Yongtai County 350700 Fujian Province
Minqing County 350800 Fujian Province

Questions and Answers

What does Fuzhou City, has been transported by carriers mean?

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Evan O'Brien | 2/5/2021 3:58:21 PM

Repeated Guangzhou/Fuzhou Return

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Cb | 2/3/2021 10:20:58 PM

Is my package stuck in Fuzhou City?

1 Answer(s) | Asked by Mike Buchanan | 2/3/2021 4:50:51 PM

Package held in customs

2 Answer(s) | Asked by Tom Creighton | 1/22/2021 10:41:18 AM

LH122719746US. Held customs since 2021-01-06.

1 Answer(s) | Asked by L Brightman | 1/22/2021 6:46:53 AM

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